Posted by: lordkyler | February 18, 2017

A Sampling of Sketches

I’ve posted drawings on here many times before, but my drawing has often been inconsistent, with long dry spells between bursts of activity. Recently, however, I bought a sketchbook and have been drawing on a much more regular basis. I’ve been quite pleased with the results. It’s been a great way to keep my skills sharp and illustrate my invented worlds.

The following are imperfect scans of some of my favorite sketches for your enjoyment.

Weeeee watched the suuuunset...

Castle on a Hill (Not the Ed Sheeran version). I started with the castle and a bit of the ridgeline, and I knid of wish I’d stopped there, but I didn’t. This is one of the first drawings in the book.

Send help...

Isolation. The scanner botched up the left side of the image, but you can see what’s going on. These images are a bit darker than they are in real life for clarity’s sake.

They'll peck your eyes out

A knight with an apparent affinity for birds and towers. I’m not perfect at drawing people, but I’ve improved quite a lot.

Cut off one head, and too bad for this hydra

A rare mutant hydra with only a single head. Note the tiny winged babbies swimming about

Eat your heart out, Hogwarts

One of those fanciful flying castles you hear about on the news. Sometimes I draw more realistically, with shading and such, and other times I’ll do something like this

I also drew many of them in more everyday settings, rather than simply making them warriors (though they totally could be)

An assortment of Crossbred from the Legend of Lithra. I realized I hadn’t really illustrated any females of the breed, so i set about to fix that.


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