Posted by: lordkyler | February 14, 2015

Avatar Sports: Part Three

This is the last installment of my Avatar (The Last Airbender) sports trilogy. Part one is here, and part two is here. In this post, we’ll look mostly at water bending sports. Some of these are my favorites. Read More…

Posted by: lordkyler | January 31, 2015

Avatar Sports: Part Two

In the last post of this series, I covered my ideas for sports that might emerge in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender. In that post, I discussed a few ideas for airbending sports. In this entry, I’ll present some firebending and earthbending sports (and a combination of the two,) and in the final post, I’ll cover mostly waterbending sports.

Let’s get on with it! Read More…

Posted by: lordkyler | January 17, 2015

Avatar Sports: Part One

So, I am a fan of Avatar. Not the blue people Avatar. That was alright. But I much prefer Avatar: The Last Airbender and it’s sequel series, The Legend of Korra. 

During the Legend of Korra, we were introduced to Pro-Bending, a fast-paced professional sport that used three of the four elements. This wasn’t our first introduction to bending sports, either. With such unique powers, I realized that bending sports could present some very interesting sports concepts, and I was hit with a mild obsession.

That led to the following sports ideas. Some of them might need to take place in a more modern time with more advanced materials, but most could be played in the time period of the Legend of Korra or even ancient times. I thought up the basic system for the game, created a Sketchup model of an example court for each idea, and made a logo for the sport.

This is part one of a small series. I hope you find these ideas as interesting as I do. Now if only we could find a way to get someone to animate these… Read More…

Posted by: lordkyler | January 10, 2015

Radiance Part IX: Fire at Fisher’s

Previously on Radiance, our protagonists received a tip leading them to the mansion of General Fisher. Lilly and Ian headed to the stables and garage respectively in case a distraction was required. Aria, Connor, and Drake went on to infiltrate the building. After some close calls, they managed to reach the center of the complex and pick the lock. What will they find within?

Holding her breath, Aria eased the door open, revealing an empty hallway. At the end of the hallway, carpeted stairs led to the level above, and the rich wood paneling was broken by two open doorways on each side.

Aria stole forward, followed by Connor and Drake, moving silently in case there was somebody using the rooms. The first room on the right, scouted by Aria, was lined with cabinets and desks holding perhaps thousands of files, all neatly arranged and color coded, though Aria did not know which system they were using. Connected to this room was a conference chamber, dominated by one large table and little else.

On the other side, Drake and Connor found a room dedicated to trophies and memorabilia. The shelves were lined with photographs and medals, many of which seemed to pre-date Fisher’s service. Old books filled one cabinet, and glass cases in the middle of the room held the most impressive items; antique firearms, ancient helms, and what looked like a human skull. Nothing was labelled, a clear indicator of a private collection whose curator was well familiar with the contents on display. Read More…

Posted by: lordkyler | December 31, 2014

New Year – A look back and a look forward

I think this has been a pretty good year for the blog. This was the year I started my Short Story Week, which I intend to continue. I am quite fond of some of those short stories. I also completed NaNoWriMo for the first time, and am in the editing process for the resulting book, the Legend of Lithra III: The Legacy of Lions.  I’ll add some thoughts about that shortly.

I also wrote half of another book, launched the Cinematic Addict YouTube channel, started the Radiance RPG and write-ups, accomplished some decent Photoshop and Sketchup work, was introduced to The Office, Thanks to posting on Reddit, and my Minecraft short story Iron became my most well-read post.

So I’m overall pretty pleased with my content creation this year. What lies ahead?

I will be editing Lithra III, which will be my first major experience with rewriting and extensive editing. I’ll post my thoughts as this progresses. I hope to continue the Radiance RPG and visit short story week again. I also plan to do a lot of official outlining and writing for all my half-baked stories.

In the short term, I have a short story in the works, and a series of posts with Sketchup work I think will be quite interesting. We finally got in another Radiance session and there will be a writeup shortly. Plus, I’ll showcase another Cinematic Addict video in a few days.

I’m looking forward to 2015!

Posted by: lordkyler | November 29, 2014

Radiance Part VIII: Gone Fishin’

Previously, Connor, Ian and Drake visited a mechanics shop to purchase some weapons and have their stolen motorcycle inspected. They discovered that the vehicle’s decrepit appearance was all a show, and that the bike hid an impressive engine and small, secret machine guns. Connor came into possession of a famed Makara blade. They now return to their temporary hideout to reunite and discover what leads the Mongrels have dug up…

“So what is this hunk of junk worth?” Aria asked skeptically, eyeing the motorcycle. They stood in an alleyway behind the chocolatier’s shop that also served as a hideout for the Seven Sisters. The men admired the women’s newest acquisitions of fauna, and Lilly handed Connor his frozen hawk.

Ian grinned and took a seat on the motorcycle. The suspension bounced under his formidable frame, but balanced well. “Oh, it may look like a scrapyarder’s nightmare, but this beauty has some secrets. You just have to treat her right.” He activated the sequence, causing two small machine guns to unfold from the sides. He spun them, dry firing, and then snapped them back to their hidden home in the chassis.

“Impressive,” Aria admitted.

“That was A-MAZING!” Lilly squealed. “I love it. Those could really cause some damage.”

Aria studied the bike for a second. “My father used to have a model like this,” she said after a moment. “I’m pretty sure. But I don’t remember it having a second tailpipe.”

“With the motor on this thing, I’m not surprised,” Ian said, but Aria ignored him, inspecting the superfluous exhaust more closely. Read More…

Posted by: lordkyler | November 29, 2014

NaNoWriMo Update: Success?

Well, folks, it is 2 am and I just hit 50,000 words plus change. (I’m not up this late because I’m frantically trying to catch up, it’s just my ludicrous work schedule.) The story is not quite done yet, but that is the official word count goal of the month. This counts as at least a technical victory.

I am in the final stretch of Lithra III, finishing up the last chapter. The story is at least 90 something percent complete, but could be several thousand more words yet. I still have a couple of days left in November, so depending on my schedule I may be able to actually finish the whole thing within the month as well.

Even if not, I will soon have finished a book, so that’s a victory to me! After I’m done writing, I plan to let the book marinate for a little while well I cleanse my palate. It’s good to get a little distance from it before you start editing. And editing/real rewriting is something I’m kind of new to, so that will be an interesting adventure. In the meantime, I have some various projects burning a hole in my hard drive, including video editing for Cinematic Addict, Photoshop and SketchUp work, and more than likely some short stories. You’ll be sure to hear about those when they’re done, so keep an eye open, and before long you’ll likely see Lithra III up and running at the Legend of Lithra.

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Clouded – Short Story

A continuation of these short stories: Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.

“Dustin, come look at this,” Eliza said, practically dragging him to the television. “This is so weird. It’s on all the local news channels.”

It took Dustin a moment to make out what he was supposed to be seeing. Then the cameraman zoomed out. It was a cloud, but not like any cloud he had ever seen. A massive column of soft gray fog, reaching hundreds of feet into the sky, encircled by white tendrils of vapor, blanketing the area in a thick, humid haze that painted the gray with a rainbow. The whole mass stood spiraling gently, like a languid hurricane that had decided to take a sunday stroll instead of going on the warpath.

“The air is remarkably still,” said a reporter’s voice. The camera cut to a view of her standing in front of the gray wall. Her hair and makeup did not seem to be faring well in the humidity. “We have spoken with local meteorologists, who have reached no conclusion about the origins of this unusual weather system. The fog is incredibly thick, and the area has been blocked off for safety reasons ever since the cloud appeared an hour ago. Those within the cloud are advised to stay put until this weather passes.”

“That’s MacAdam Street,” Dustin said suddenly. He walked over to the window and threw open the curtains. Only a few miles away, the pillar of mist swirled serenely, towering over the trees. As soon as Dustin saw it, a thrill ran up his spine. There was something there, he was sure of it. Read More…

Posted by: lordkyler | November 14, 2014

NaNoWriMo – Midway Update

As I explained in my last post, I am participating in NaNoWriMo this month, working on the third installment of my serial fantasy series “The Legend of Lithra.” We are now about halfway through the month, and I am pleased to report that I am ahead of schedule!

The standard goal is 50,000 words by the end of the month. My current total is just shy of 30,000 words. Thus far, I’m pretty sure the book will end up longer than 50k, but I’m certain to hit that goal so long as I stay on track. I may even still finish in November!

My schedule with work has been crazy, but I manage to make time to get most of the daily average every day, and on days off I’ve hit two or three times that quota. So, I’m pretty pleased. I’ve written both previous books in fairly short times, but after Lithra three I will have the new experience of doing extensive re-writing and editing, which hasn’t been my experience with the past two. They still stand largely as first typed. I am completely certain the rewriting will improve things drastically.

Anyway, this has been going so well, I might have to do another personal novel writing month sooner than next November. Maybe April. I guess we’ll see.

Posted by: lordkyler | November 2, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014

Yesterday was the first day of NaNoWriMo, which is the fun way to say National Novel Writing Month. Every November, thousands of hopeful writers attempt to churn out the first draft of a 50,000 word novel, which works out to a little under 2,000 words a day. Some of these endeavors have even gone on to be published.

I intended to participate last year, but I had just finished writing Lithra II: The Knives of Aesur, and I didn’t have anything planned. So this year, I will be writing the sequel. Yesterday, I started work on The Legend of Lithra III, currently titled Sands of the South. It is more accurately a prequel, following the adventures of a younger Lithra, as the recently-betrayed enchanter follows his treacherous pupil through the wild southern deserts.

I have the whole story outlined before starting, which is a bit new for me, but it really helped with the last book. It is interesting how things can emerge and grow while writing the actual story, though. In any case, I’ll be a bit busy with that and some other real-world obligations over the month of November, but I have some posts scheduled, so you won’t be missing anything. I will post again at the end of the month, hopefully with a full book written. See you then.

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