Major Story Ideas

If you know me at all, or have poked around my site for any length of time, you know that I have a lot of ideas. Probably too many for my own good. One evidence of this is the following list of the different story ideas/projects I hope to eventually create one day. Most are just ideas or story concepts right now, but some have progressed further along.

I’m trusting you not to steal my ideas, internet. Don’t let me down. (If you’re creative enough to write a book, you can think of your own ideas,) But if one of these inspires one of your own idea, I’d love it if you let me know. More information about each of the following is or will be available in mainstream blog posts.

  •  The Legend of Lithra
    • Plot: Selane, a young innkeepers son with a taste for adventure, finds his wish granted when he joins an enchanter in a quest to reclaim a stolen sword. Their chase will lead them through many obstacles in an attempt to prevent the thief from starting a war that could destroy the North…
    • Completion: Complete! (At least a draft form)
    • Notes: This project is mostly for me to practice writing, and is freely available online! I would want to do a LOT of rewriting before I tried to get this published, though.
  • Lithra II: the Knives of Aesur
    • Plot: Selane, now an agent of the king, is sent with a group of fellow adventurers to seek out and apprehend a dangerous ring of assassins before they can complete their plan to throw the world in chaos.
    • Completion: Complete!
    • Notes: This is the sequel to the first book. You can read it online or buy a copy!
  • Chimera Force
    • Plot: A laboratory accident leads to an amazing discovery: the ability to allow people to become animals! This knowledge is used to create a clandestine force of super soldiers dedicated to the greater good.
    • Completion: Being rebooted
    •  Notes: Previously under the name “Animoids,” this is one of my oldest story ideas, and it’s still kicking’. This will probably be a series of short action-comedies.
  • New Pantheon
    • Plot: Several citizens of a Colorado city suddenly and mysteriously gain super powers. They must struggle against a dangerous enemy, and, perhaps even more difficult, their own weaknesses.
    • Completion: Character development
    •  Notes: Also an older story that’s undergone a lot of revisions
  • Convergence
    • Plot: A race known as the Kassis arise against the crusading spacefarers who conquered them, only to have to face their inevitable return. Two captains on opposing sides, forced together by fate, may be the key to finding peace.
    • Completion: Not going anywhere
    • Notes: This was a chain story between my brother and I, which you can read on this site. It may still have some potential in the future but it’s not high on my list.
  • Exile
    • Plot: Framed and exiled on false charges, Kyler, heir to the barony, must return secretly to the country and make his way through the criminal underworld in order to clear his name. He is also joined by Sophus, an ex-bandit seeking to turn his life around.
    • Completion: Slated for update
    • Notes: The first draft of one of my oldest stories. I realized it could actually have a lot of potential, so it will be revisited one day. You can read the old story on this site.
  • Atlas Fallen
    • Plot: Following a catastrophic gravity war, the earth is ripped into chunks orbiting a molten core. The remnants of technology remaining are treated like magic. A man named Jason is the greatest hope of preventing another war that could destroy earth for good.
    • Completion: Concept only
    • Notes: One of my newer but more compelling ideas. I would want this story to have the feel of one of the Greek epics or mythology.
  • Legacy
    • Plot: After centuries, a sorcerer has reemerged and begins to wreak havoc on the world. He can only be stopped by the prophesied Legend. But the man thought to be the chosen one is not, and a troubled world looks for it’s hero.
    • Completion: Concept
    • Notes: This is not going to be quite your typical fantasy if I can help it.
  • Lex Animus
    • Plot: A library full of books that contain supernatural skills is discovered by a young man with a talent for deciphering them. He is recruited to be one of their protectors.
    • Completion: Concept
    • Notes: Inspired by a huge abandoned library in Virginia. This is one of my favorite story ideas
  • Riding Hood
    • Plot: Fairy tales once had their origins in truth, about the wars and creatures of Morgan Le Fay and her twin brother Merlin. Now their creations are coming forth into a modern world unequipped to deal with them…
    • Completion: Concept
    •  Notes: This one should be interesting, that’s for sure. Magic meets the Matrix in style.
  • Glyph
    • Plot: In a fantasy world set in an Elizabethan era, colorful characters wield magical glyphs with strange powers. One young orphan girl, trained as an assassin, gains these powers and begins a revolt against the crown.
    • Completion: Concept
    • Notes: This one is going to have a Renaissance X-Men feel. It’s one of my favorite ideas.
  • Penguins in Hats
    • Plot: When penguins put on hats, they gain the corresponding skills and identities. Except for Lucky, an albino penguin, and his band of misfits. Their attempts at social reform are rebuffed by the penguin king, and they begin to hatch a more devious campaign…
    • Completion: Concept, characters and drawings
    • Notes: This one is most likely going to appear as a cartoon on YouTube, in episode format. And it will be wonderful.
  • Zodiac
    • Plot: Each animal of the Chinese Zodiac has an element associated with it, and those born under it’s sign may train to be able to develop control of that element, with one being chosen as it’s avatar. However, an unknown force has introduced chaos, and yin and yang begin to fight one another instead of working in harmony. Who will restore peace?
    • Completion: Concept
    • Notes:
  • Solstice
    • Plot: There is another realm near to ours in which live incarnations of what are to us abstract concepts, such as colors and seasons. Something has happened to their world and now they must cross further over into our world in search of allies. One is the decidedly unconventional Alex…
    • Completion: Concept and some character work
    •  Notes: This will probably come across clearer when you read it. It isn’t terribly developed right now but I feel it has some solid potential.
  • Mirrorverse
    • Plot: The stars we see are actually fourth-dimensional reflections of alternate versions of our earth and sun. This is discovered one day by a person who is subsequently visited by one who is a traveler “through the looking glass” so to speak.
    • Completion: Concept
    • Notes: Right now this is built on an abstract concept. It will probably be a while before I do anything with this one.
  • The Iron Crown
    • Plot: After the discovery of a portal that can lead to many magical realms, an elite military team is put together to explore and deal with any potential threats, etc., discovering all too often that they are the long-awaited chosen ones… Again.
    • Completion: Concept
    •  Notes: This is actually based on/inspired by a dream I had. Think Stargate: Narnia.
  • The Siege of Talgrad
    • Plot: Two sides clash as the battle to defend a crucial pass begins. Told from the perspectives of those involved in various aspects of the battle, it quickly becomes apparent that something is afoot.
    • Completion: Some first draft
    • Notes: Another chain story started by my brother and I, that ultimately fell apart. But I think it could come back with an interesting narrative style…
  • Cyanide
    • Plot: Sadie Kasparov, an elite russian assassin-for-hire, (codenamed Cyanide,) accepts the biggest job of her career, only to find out the target is her long lost father. In pursuing more information, she discovers the existence of a dark paranormal underworld of which her father, a vampire, is the leader.
    • Completion: Concept, setting, and some plot
    •  Notes: I combined several different ideas to come up with this one, and I think it will be a good one.
  • Psyché
    • Plot: A woman abducted by the government as a test subject for psychic enhancements manages to escape, although her memory has been wiped. With the help of two concerned citizens, she begins to investigate her past, but they are soon being hunted by another psychic assassin.
    • Completion: Concept
    • Notes: This was derived from an abandoned game idea I had at one time, but could go somewhere eventually.

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