Posted by: lordkyler | March 22, 2014

Psyché – Book

Psyché started out as a short-lived attempt at creating a video game, but I’ve since decided I may salvage the idea for a book. If I do end up creating it, this is what it would look like.

A shadowy government agency has been running experiments with psychics, and has decided to kidnap a woman who shows talent in this area. They wipe her memory, and begin experimentation with nanotechnology to boost her powers. The experiments are a success.

The nanotechnological implants successfully harness latent psychic powers such as telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and telepathy. These powers require a computer interface to function and provide programming, and she is outfitted with an implant on the side of her head. Different chips can be placed in the implant to provide the code for each power.

The woman, code named Angel, manages to escape, but had no memory of who she is, and has regressed to a somewhat childlike state, with difficulty communicating. She is found by a female cop and taken to a psychiatric hospital, but as she is being examined, she senses government agents who have intercepted the police report and are coming to get her. She flees, chased by the psychiatrist, and dispatches the agents, but more are on the way. The police officer is still at the hospital, and when the agents refuse to identify themselves or cease firing, she retreats, taking Angel and the doctor with her. They are pursued onto the freeway, where Angel uses her powers to stop the cars.

Eventually, they find a place to take refuge. The officer has been labelled as a rogue cop, the doctor as a terrorist, and Angel as a fugitive. The three of them are then forced to band together and get to the bottom of the conspiracy. Angel begins to regain some of her memories, but they are constantly pursued by government agents and the other successful psychic, an agent code-named Raven.

I don’t have too many details planned for this one yet, and no immediate plans to write it, but I think it could be an exciting story. Thanks for reading.

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