Savanna is probably not my greatest of ideas, but I think it could be interesting enough. Possibly as sort of a retro game, or even better, an iPhone game. I’ve written about this idea before but I’ll go a little bit more in-depth here.


You play as a cheetah, one of the few remaining cheetahs in the savanna, since the others have been slowly eliminated by the lion and leopard overlords. Eventually you realize it is up to you to save your race, and so you must travel to Asia to train at the paws of the great martial arts masters of the Tiger and Snow Leopard. Armed with your new ninja skills, you return to free your homeland from tyranny and destruction.

You will have to fight or sneak your way past enemies including hefty hippos, rampaging rhinos, and hordes of hyenas, using your skills and incredible speed to their utmost.


I’m thinking that in the lack of full-blown fancy graphics, this would probably work best as a semi-casual side-scroller with a good dash of artistry thrown in, although it couldn’t take itself too seriously.

Combat would be fast-paced and frenetic, relying on combos and good timing, with a nice helping of jumping and acrobatics thrown in. Various weapons and equipment could be used to maximize your advantages.

In addition, the game would likely be partly a platformer, with lots of jumping, climbing, wall-running and the like.


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