I’ve written about Psyché in the past, but it has since been dropped as a project I am actually making. I still like the idea though, and it may come back as a book one day. In the meantime, here is how it would look as a game.


You play as a woman known only as Angel. She was kidnapped from her home by a shadowy branch of the government and subjected to experiments using nanotechnology to harness her latent ESP. After tests proved successful, they brainwashed her, hoping to turn her into a psychic soldier and unstoppable killing machine.

However, due to mysterious circumstances, she was able to escape, although she has no idea who she is. (Maybe I don’t care if its a cliché.) Fortunately, she was found by a female police officer and taken to a mental institution. But when the institution is attacked, Angel, the cop, and a psychiatrist are swept up into the action as Angel tries to reclaim her identity and escape her captors.

Angel has a microcomputer wired into the side of her head, which serves as the access link to the nanotech in her head. She has access to a number of different powers, although she can only use one at a time and only by inserting the corresponding chip holding the proper program.

Some of her abilities include:

  • Remote viewing
  • Telekinesis
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Telepathy

Skills and abilities can also be encoded onto the chips.

Armed with these tools, Angel begins to piece things together, until things are further complicated by another successful acolyte of the program, Raven.


In terms of gameplay, I think this would likely be a third-person action game similar to the Force Unleashed. I think the mechanic of only being able to use one power at a time can add an interesting element to the game, requiring players to puzzle their way through certain parts. New chips can be acquired to grant new powers, and chips can also be lost, forcing players to consider new options.

In a game with telekinesis and other such powers, I would love to see highly dynamic maps where chucks can be ripped out of the walls for ammunition, car tires can be melted, and people thrown through windows.

The additions of the police officer and psychiatrist could make for excellent co-op play and party mechanics as well, with the officer handling the brute force aspects of the job and the psychiatrist able to use computers and so on.

The game ought to be fairly fast-paced but with a definite focus on strategy and tactics, including offering multiple ways to complete missions.

Lastly, what would make this game truly amazing is if it made use of the upcoming technology that can read your brain waves. (Technology that is totally available and definitely underutilized.) Instead of pressing a button, you simply have to think about it and it would happens.


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