Disneyland Defender

You, the protagonist, play as a man on vacation with your family. Together, you have travelled to Disney world/Disneyland (or more likely a generic knock-off in order to avoid legal complications.) However, your vacation is rudely interrupted by the arrival of a small army of terrorists, who have attacked the park in order to hold it hostage. All the exits are locked down and all the staff and guests held under guard.

However, they didn’t plan on you. As a former soldier, you take advantage of the chaos to escape, although doing so leaves your family in the hands of the terrorists. Fighting from the inside, you are the only hope of defeating the terrorists and freeing the hostages.

You play within an open-world environment, within the confines of the amusement park, including rides and backstage areas. You will have to be stealthy, as you start out unarmed, and if the terrorists discover who you are, they will kill your family. Starting unarmed, you will have to kill terrorists by hand in order to gain weapons and ammunition, and ration it carefully. You will then begin working to eliminate the terrorists and weaken their grip on the park.

The main attraction of the game is of course the setting. Much of the fun of the game comes from using the various rides and attractions of the park in order to fight back against your oppressors. Rescuing staff members gains you security passes to access restricted areas, and training to operate the rides. You can then use these features to lure terrorists into traps, take guests to safety, and so on. Just be careful not to injure the innocent.

Some examples of gameplay possibilities/highlights:

  • Snipe bad guys from an elevated monorail.
  • Shootouts in a spinning teacup ride.
  • Luring terrorists into a booby-trapped log ride. (Which takes a picture at exactly the right time.)
  • Sabotaging a roller-coaster to crash onto terrorist equipment.
  • Riding various vehicles around Disneyland, including motorcycles, tanks, jeeps, and helicopters.
  • Setting up ambushes in a haunted house ride.
  • Getting terrorists into those drop rides without strapping in.
  • Hide among the Pirates of the Caribbean ride to escape from angry terrorists.
  • Controlling animatronic creatures to attack bad guys.
  • Disguising yourself as a mascot to sneak up close to bad guys. (Imagine a giant-headed Mickey Mouse with a terrorist in a chokehold.)
  • Releasing wild animals from the wildlife exhibits.
  • Collapsing the Magic Kingdom castle with explosives.

There are of course many more options. Given a variety of tools, procedural destruction, advanced AI, and good game design, much more is possible. The game would be open world, but probably presented in levels of a sort, each requiring a different threshold to unlock the next stage and new challenges, but allowing full freedom in how to complete that objective. For instance, kill x number of terrorists, save x number of citizens, retake the security center, etc.

Along the way, you could take further steps to advance the cause, such as destroying cameras and finding others with military experience to join you. Gradually you would clear the park, free citizens, and resort to more extreme measures as the terrorists grow more desperate and the park is destroyed piece by piece.

This game would benefit tremendously from next-gen technology, of course, and cooperative play could be fun as well. This is a game I would certainly enjoy. In fact, I’m kind of surprised nobody has made a game like this yet. Maybe someday soon…


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