Lego X-Men

  • Why

X-Men would be another excellent property for Lego to adapt. Once again, it’s a trilogy, not counting X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and there’s plenty of potential levels. Even the less-than-satisfactory third film would provide some great levels. You could even put in an option to wear the classic costumes. The huge variety of mutants, both on film and in the comics, would allow for a massively varied free-play mode, with all sorts of interesting gameplay. All in all this would just make a killer line.

5/5 I want Lego X-Men right now.

  • Why Not

Unfortunately, I think Lego’s rival Mega Bloks has the rights to this line, but other than that I can think of almost no reason not to make this. I hope Lego can maybe finagle the rights to this.

4/5 This franchise loses a point solely becuase they don’t have the licensing for it. Otherwise it would be a 5/5.

  • High Point

The high point would probably be the battle inside the Statue of Liberty from the first movie. Running around beating up displays, battling Mystique, Toad and finally Sabretooth and Magneto would make for a very interesting level. Also awesome would be the final battle against Dark Phoenix in X3, the Dam Fight from X2, or Nightcrawler breaking into the White House. And just in general running around Xavier’s School, where you would choose your missions and such, upstairs and downstairs.

  • Real-World Sets

The X-Men’s stealth Jet would make a great kit, and include several minifigures. The Stature of Liberty fight could come with the machine built into the torch, and the Train Station battle would also make a great set. And that’s just from the first film. There’s a lot of set potential in X-Men, from a simple Cyclop’s Wolverine’s motorcycle, to Cerebro even.

  • Fan-Made Models

Awesome Origins: Wolverine poster with great minifigures

Source (Many other amazing movie poster recreations as well)

The X-Men from the first movie

Nicely made X-Men in original costumes


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