The Matrix

  • Why

The Matrix is a really excellent choice for a video game, complete with tons of action, potential for explanation, and major butt-kicking from Neo and the gang, both with guns and kung-fu. Neo’s Matrix powers would operate similar to the force in the Lego Star Wars games, and wall-running and acrobatics shall abound. Special bullet-time sections would provide ultimate awesome, and the unique power of enemies such as ghosts and Smiths provide a lot of freeplay potential. Plus they have the rights to it!

5/5 I must play this game.

  • Why Not

Although I don’t really foresee many obstacles in converting this game into Lego, (with a hefty dash of humor) some of the concepts could prove a bit difficult to explain without words, but I think it could happen. Once again, the original movies are R rated, but more easily cleaned up then say, Terminator.

2/5 The R rating, although mostly for violence, means Lego probably won't adapt this, however much I want them too.

  • High Point

The Matrix movies have several moments that would make for amazing levels. The most obvious is the Burly Brawl, where Neo fights hundreds of Agent Smiths. Also fun would be blasting Sentinels in a mech-suit, the final battle from Revolutions, and Trinity’s escape from the start of the first movie, a city-wide chase across the rooftops in huge, ninja-style leaps.

  • Real-World Sets

The Lobby Shootout would make an ideal set, including Neo, Trinity, several guards, and a working elevator, as well as vertically placed studs to allow the characters to wallrun. Sentinels and the Nebuchadnezzar would also make good miniatures. And don’t forget the Dojo fight scene, or the Subway battle, or the Nebuchadnezzar’s bridge (complete with the Matrix-entering chairs and lots of computers). There is a lot of kit potential here.

  • Fan-made models

Neo, in the iconic Bullet-time dodge.

Source (and more movie characters)

The squid-like Sentinel, excellently rendered in Lego.


Amazingly detailed model of the hovership from the Matrix.


Nice animated video of the Lobby Shootout, with an unexpected twist.

Frame-by-frame recreation of the original “Trinity Help” Scene. Website

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