The Lord of the Rings

  • Why

This simply must be made into a game. There is so much promise here, it simply cannot be ignored. Famous and successful trilogy, lots of characters, lots of battles, and plenty of opportunities for humor. Hack and slash your way through Middle-Earth, use the unique abilities of Elves, Dwarves and Men to drive back the evil forces of Mordor. In Lego! Even if they don’t make this game, we will probably end up with the second best thing, a game based off of the Lego Kingdoms line. (Formerly Lego Castle)

5/5 Please Lego, grant my wish. Gain the license and start pumping out sets and games.

  • Why Not

Unless they can’t get permission, there is simply no reason why not, unless they consider the Lord of the Rings a bit long or such for children. If so, they should still make it.

3/5 The reason this earns a 3 is that Lego already has a medieval line that they'll likely just stick to, a pity.

  • High Point

Where to start. There’s so very many scenes that would make kick-butt levels. Running around through the Mines of Moria, constructing the bridge to get away from the Balrog, or reconstructing Balin’s Tomb after the cave troll smashes it. This is to say nothing of Helm’s Deep, Edoras, or Minas Tirith. There’s just so many locations and possibilities.

  • Real World Sets

Once again, there’s many awesome sets to be built here. Weathertop, Balin’s Tomb, microscale versions of Helm’s Deep, Minas Tirith, and the Towers of Mordor and Orthanc, the final Mount Doom Showdown with Gollum. More expensive sets could include Rivendell, Meduseld, or the interior of Orthanc. There’s really just dozens of sets that could be amazing.

  • Fan-Made Models

Amazingly huge model of Minas Tirith


A well-done Gollum Minifigure

Many more awesome LOTR minifigures here

Perfect rendition of the Oliphaunt, which would of course make a great level.


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