• Why

The Terminator series of films contains a great deal of action, which would translate well to a Lego video game. Lego Arnold would be just awesome incarnated, and the wide array of weapons would offer some variety. Playing as T-1000 or T-X would provide Free-Play opportunities, as well as being just plain cool. The gun-heavy action would require an aiming system, which would give them a chance to branch out a little from their normal style of games. A simple crosshairs controlled with the other joystick or pointing a Wiimote would be sufficient, (similar to the Batarang in Lego Batman,) possibly with an ‘autofire’ option for younger players. Plus, with a new Terminator movie recently released, now would be a good time for this.

The "Like-To-See" rating, 3/5

3/5 Terminator would be quite fun, but I'm not too excited about seeing it.

  • Why Not

The mature themes of these films could prove difficult to adapt, and the time travel plot could be confusing to tell in Lego’s signature pantomime. But really, these could be toned down and made kid-friendly without too much difficulty. They even have the rights to it now that Warner Brothers has acquired Traveler’s Tales However, Terminators ‘R’ ratings means kids can’t see the original movies, so this franchise is highly unlikely.

Highly Unlikely Rating

1/5 Terminator's mature themes and R rating make this a very unlikely franchise for Lego.

  • High Point

Breaking into the lab in T2, fighting your way past the cops, destroying the lab, and pulling out the Big ‘Ol Minigun. That would be one heck of a good level. Also, the final foundry fight from the second movie.

  • Real World Sets

The Liquid Nitrogen Truck would be one of the more expensive sets, and include the heroes pickup truck. Other models could be the restaurant from the first movie, the truck and motorcycle scene from T2, or the military base fight from Terminator 3.

  • Fan-Made models

Arnold, showing his machine innards.

Source (and many other awesome custom minifigs)

Arnold, looking cool as usual.


With his legendary minigun.


The Ultimate Collection Terminator Bust.


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