Star Trek

  • Why

I’m not exactly certain whether they should make a game based off the TV show, the old movies, or the new movie, but perhaps a mixture of all three would work. There are definitely many sets that could be made from the movies, and Lego’s style of humor seems perfect for Star Trek. And of course, with that many movies and TV shows, there’s plenty of adventure, from TOS, to TNG, maybe even DS9 or Voyager. Old or new, I’d really like to see a Lego Star Trek.

The "Like-To-See" rating, 3/5
3/5 Star Trek seems like a natural choice for Lego to adopt.
  • Why Not

I don’t believe Lego or it’s competitors really have the licensing for Star Trek, so I don’t think it would be to hard to get the rights. It’s a family-friendly series with a lot of potential. Pretty much the only problem I can see is that I’m not sure Lego would want this crowding their classic Space line, but if Star Wars doesn’t, then this should be all right.

4/5 If Lego doesn’t mind having this alongside their Space line, this could be an actual product, especially with a new movie to generate interest.

  • High Point

The Star Trek films are the most likely to be adapted into a game, so I’ll focus on that here. Some excellent missions would include battling Khan with for the Genesis drive, your two ships playing a puzzle-like game of cat and mouse. The Search for Spock would have you gallivanting around the newly formed planet, in a variety of climates. And whether or not you liked Star Trek IV, you can’t deny it would be fun to play as a game, running around collectin’ whales and such. Just flying around space in general, and zapping people with phasers. Not to mention the Borg and the new movie…

  • Real-World Sets

Obviously, the many different models of ships could all make interesting sets, in various sizes. Another obvious choice is the various iterations of the bridge, with the whole crew. Throw in some various playsets of other rooms on the Enterprise, and scenes from the various TV series, and you’ve got a solid line.

  • Fan-Made Models

Pretty much perfect Borg Minifigs.


The torsos might be plain, but the phaser and tri-corder are perfect.


And finally, a massive version of Spock's "Jellyfish" ship from the reboot movie.


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