• Why

This is really a no-brainer. It’s a trilogy, it’s family friendly, and they’ve already made sets for it. Yep, this has already been a Legoized project, they just haven’t made a video game out of it. And it would be a great game, playing as Spider-Man with your sweet web-slinging abilities in an expansive and entirely Lego NYC. Villains could provide free-play opportunities, just rousing fun could be had by all. Plus Lego spidey just looks awesome.

5/5 This game would be just amazing
  • Why Not

There’s pretty much no reason to not make this, except that its been a little while since Spider-Man 3, and the Lego sets were discontinued. I think Megablox has some rights to Spidey, but I’m pretty sure they’ve never made Lego-style sets about it, just action figures. Heck, they’re even rebooting Spider-man, providing the perfect opportunity to bring this line back pretty soon.

This earns the official rating because there have already been Lego Spider-Man sets.
5/5 It also earns the Highly Likely rating, as although it has not been made into a video game, there is no reason for it not to be. NONE.
  • High Point

I think Spidey’s first confrontation with Doc Ock, in the bank and up the skyscraper, would make an excellent level, as would the last battle with the Green Goblin and even Venom. In general though, I think a few levels where you just swing around the city and stop random little crimes would be awesome. This game could really be a chance to present a bit less linear game then Lego games generally are.

  • Real-World Sets

Here are some links to the now exorbitantly expensive Lego sets already made for Spider-Man.  The Train Battle looks to be an excellent set, as well as the Café Attack. Also awesome are the Final Showdown with Green Goblin, Doc Ock’s Fusion Lab, and this street chase scene. Lego dropped the sets before they got to Spider-man 3, but I’d suggest the construction site with Venom, Sandman’s bank heist, and the rescue of Gwen Stacy.

  • Fan-Made Models

Since this was an official set for Lego, I’ll just show a couple of Spider-man 3 custom minifigures, since none were made, and a completely amazing promotional video that really shows why this would be a great game.

Black-Suited Spidey


Custom Venom Mini-fig


Interesting look at a Sandman Minifigure.


Creator’s Website

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