• Why

300 would provide an opportunity for Lego to branch out of their traditional style of games, and make something more hack-and-slash. By spicing up the combat with more than one attack type, and introducing combos, they could add some variety to a game that would otherwise be the same thing over and over with different enemies, all in the same area. Plus Lego Spartans would be bad-a– in a cute, yet awesome way.

2/5 They could make this, or not, and I wouldn’t mind too much. Especially since they will be releasing an official Spartan sometime regardless. (In their limited edition collectible series. Look it up.)
  • Why Not

On the flipside, there’s a whole lot of reasons NOT to make this. “R” rating, very bloody violence, “Adult Themes” (although I suppose those could be edited out,) very few figures or locations, as the Spartans would essentially be the same thing, but with different heads, and only one movie to work off of… This just isn’t going to happen.

Highly Unlikely Rating
1/5 Sorry guys, it just ain’t gonna happen
  • High Point

Throughout all the carnage this game would present, the greatest fun would be in competing against a friend (or three) in a showdown of epic proportions. Also it would be fun to come up with different strategies to defeat the various enemies.

  • Real World Sets

There’s almost nothing to work with here. Maybe the temple at the top of the mountain, maybe a small section of the pass itself. Really, the only thing possible here is minifigure sets, say one that includes an attack rhino or some elephants (which would be cool) and possibly Xerxe’s throne. A 300 pack of Spartans would be awesome, though.

  • Fan Made Models

A very well-done remake of the 300 movie poster, although the Spartans are a bit off


A custom minifigure of King Leonidas


And finally, a sneak peek at the OFFICIAL Spartan, to be released sometime in the future. (Thanks to the Brothers Brick for links to this pic.)

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