Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Why

Swash. Buckle.

This trilogy of films is packed to the brim with swashbuckling, rollicking adventure. Jack Sparrow (Captain… Jack Sparrow.) is obviously an excellent idea to have wandering around and being weird in Lego form, and there’s quite a few other characters as well, to really round out the freeplay experience. Add ships and a dash of voodoo, and you’ve got yourself one awesome game. (And even if we don’t get an official Lego Pirates, Lego’s Pirates line could be almost as good. You look at some of those sets and tell me it’s not “inspired” by Pirates.)

5/5 I need to see and play Lego Jack Sparrow, and I need to do it now. Lego should either make this or a Pirate game just like it.
  • Why Not

Disregarding the decreasing quality of the films, MegaBloks already has the license to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, I believe, and Lego already has it’s own Pirates line, which would make things a little awkward.

2/5 We are far more likely to see an actual Lego Pirates game than we are a Pirates of the Caribbean game. This franchise is not very likely.

  • High Point

Even though At World’s End was a confused jumble of a movie that lasted far too long, even it can provide some cool levels, swirling around the Whirlpool o’ Doom. Some ship-based levels could be quite fun, working like the spaceship levels in Lego Star Wars, but less frustrating. Dead Man’s Chest also provides some excellent level ideas, from exploring the Flying Dutchman, to escaping the villagers, but especially the island battle at the end, with the big waterwheel. The real gold, however, comes in The Curse of the Black Pearl, which I desperately want to play. The fight in the blacksmith’s shop, bar fights in Tortuga, and the final battle at the Isla de Muerta, battling Barbossa and his skeleton goons.

  • Real World Sets

Lego’s Pirates line already has several sets which could quite easily be converted into PotC sets, but we’ll focus on the movies. Ships are obviously an excellent idea, if expensive. The Black Pearl, the Flying Dutchman, the Dauntless… Just so many ships. Smaller sets could include Jack’s Island Escape (from the cannibals), Anna-Maria’s ship, (borrowed, without permission,) the chest of cursed Aztec Gold with lots of treasure, and scene at the beginning of At World’s End, where they steal the map from  Sao Feng.

  • Fan-Made Models

Lego Barbossa, done rather nicely


Excellent bust of Captain Jack Sparrow


The Black Pearl, as rendered by one fan.


And Finally, a cross-section of The Flying Dutchman, cleverly utilizing Kit Fisto's head as Davy Jones'


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