Other Superheroes

This section will have a slightly different format, as I’ll be covering several different ideas.

  • Superman

Superman would probably take a slightly different tack in gameplay. Instead of switching between characters, you would switch between different powers, such as freeze breath, heat vision, etc. However, only Clark Kent can access certain areas, so you have to find phone booths to change in. With a bit of creativity, they could get a lot of interesting gameplay going. I think it would be great fun to just fly around and smash things. But look out for kryptonite!

Want-O-Meter: 3/5 – Like to See. This game sounds fun, but its not really my first choice.

Plausibility: 4/5 -Likely. They made Lego Batman, I see no particular reason why they shouldn’t do Superman as well.

  • Iron Man

Now here’s a fun idea. Although the Iron Man movies currently tally one, with another on the way, It’s almost guaranteed there’ll be a third if Iron Man 2 is even half decent. If so, we might get Lego Iron Man. Not too much in the way of alternate character abilities, as everyone pretty much just flies around in robo-suits thus far, but still, utilizing the flight and weapons capabilities of Iron Man armor could be interesting. Some toning down of certain aspects of Tony’s personality (laaadies) would be required, but this would likely just make him even funnier.

Want-O-Meter: 4/5 – Want Badly. I would just love to have a little Iron Man minifigure, blowing up tanks and generally just looking cool.

Plausibility: 3/5 – Equal. I don’t think they’re likely to actually do this, but they might surprise me.

  • Fantastic 4

I included this just for the sake of thoroughness. Although it would be kind of interesting to see a Lego version of the Human Torch or The Thing, Reed Richards would just be pretty ridiculous, and Invisible girl would just be transparent. The only one I’d really want is Doctor Doom. All in all, despite what Lego might bring to the title, the weak source material just doesn’t make this a strong candidate.

Want-O-Meter: 1/5 – No Thanks This just doesn’t sound very interesting or fun. Sorry, guys.

Plausibility: 2/5 – Not Likely. Although there’s not anything really wrong with the idea, the films bombed and sucked. Not too likely.

  • Justice League/Avengers

This is really the culmination of everything else. Although they haven’t made say, Thor or Captain America movies yet, and there’s only one Hulk movie (due to the reboot), none of these are particularly likely to get games on their own. But if they stand together…

Yep, I’m suggesting a game that combines all the heroes too little-known for their own films, and sticking them into one game for the Marvel Characters, one for DC. This way we’d get to see all the heroes working together against a whole slew of enemies. Flash, Black Panther, the Hulk, Green Lantern, heck, I’d even be okay if they threw the Wonder Twins into the mix just for laughs. So. Much. Awesome. Potential. Lego please make this now.

Want-O-Meter: 5/5 – Must Have. I really, really want all of these guys together, in a game or in my real life Lego collection.

Plausibility: 3/5 Equal It’s likely we’ll see something like this eventually, by the time they get to an actual Avengers movie, but it’s probably many years in the future. Sigh…

An amazingly awesome set of custom minifigures from the DC universe.


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