Jurassic Park

  • Why

First of all, the Jurassic Park movies (although they went downhill after the first) have a TON of potential for a video game, especially if they based expand the movie scenes with what happened in the books. Lego actually had official sets of Jurassic Park, some time ago, so the licensing shouldn’t prevent an issue. (Note, this does not mean I’ll mark this as official in my plausibility meter.) Driving around through the jungle, solving puzzles and escaping the bloodthirsty dinos sounds like awesome fun. It could even be educational! And add in the possibility of getting some Lego T-rexes and Velociraptors…

4/5 I want this quite badly, if only to have official Lego dinosaurs in my collection.

  • Why Not

The movies declined in quality, but given Lego penchant for improving on bad source material (Star Wars I and II, anybody?) I think this challenge is hardly insurmountable. A little Lego humor would go a long way. However, in the later movies especially, pretty much all they do is run away, which could get repetitive if the designers aren’t careful. However, the main hurdle is that Jurassic Park is OLD. Lego Indiana Jones likely only happened because they made the abomination known as Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Star Wars had the prequel trilogy to reboot interest, (and thereby sales,) and although the Lego Batman line isn’t really based off of the recent Batman movies, it simply wouldn’t have happened without them. So unless they make a Jurassic Park 4, I don’t think this is too likely to happen, despite it’s strong potential.

3/5 This titles potential is balanced by it's age, meaning this is equally likely either way.

  • High Point

The high point of a Lego Jurassic Park game would likely be the ‘Raptors in the Kitchen’ Scene, with you having to hide from the predators while assembling the pieces to lock them in the freezer. (At which point they would comically freeze into blocks of ice that you could push around.) Also excellent would be driving around in the jeeps, escaping the dinosaurs, or fending off the pterodactyls, maybe with a giant slingshot of some sort.

  • Real World Sets

Although there isn’t too many potential buildings, there are quite a few vehicles such as the jeep or helicopter that would make good sets. But the real strength is in Lego dinosaurs. The fan models section will show many that could be perfect for lego sets, and that I would buy in a heartbeat. Maybe some dinosaurs would be better off in typically Lego fashion, (built like a Lego horse or a minifig,) but many of them would look great just built out of lego bricks. One set could be the kitchen chase, with a few raptors, another could have stegosaurs, yet another pteradons.

  • Fan-made Models

A fantastic model of the Helicopter that brings them to the island.


A marvelous Brachiosaur

Bringing this dino under control.

The raptor cage would make an excellent cheap set.

Ahh! It's the T-Rex! RUN.

Excellent Triceratops

All of these models from the talented psiaki of Flickr

Welcome to Jurassic Park.

More photos of the lodge here.

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  1. Amazing work on all of these! They look exactley like the movie sceanes. But how did you make them? And could you show me how to make these awsome sets?

    • and I quote: “All of these models from the talented psiaki of Flickr”. I didn’t make them, I’m just showing you some fan-made pictures of hypothetical sets.

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