• Why

This is one a lot of people want. It’s a best-selling trilogy, and you’re fighting aliens. Injecting some light-heartedness into the game could work very well. This would also be a way to change genre a bit from the standard Lego game. By incorporating both first person shooting, and third person adventure, the player would use Master Chief to defeat the alien hordes. Throw in some nice vehicle action, and bam, you’ve got a solid game.

4/5 I would quite enjoy seeing a Lego version of Halo

  • Why Not

Two reasons. One of them starts with the letter M, as in “rated M for mature.” Once again, if it’s not family friendly, it’s not happening. The other main reason is that the license is already owned by MegaBloks, rival of Lego, and makers of high quality products. </sarcasm> No dice.

Highly Unlikely Rating
1/5 Two “M’s” combine to make this highly unlikely, the Mature rating and MegaBloks.

  • High Point

Halo is one of the best selling video games of all time. It’s just filled with high points. But multiplayer action is the biggest draw in the actual games, and it would be here as well, blending puzzles with awesome brick carnage and slapstick.

  • Real World Sets

Halo has tons of vehicles in lots of different sizes, from the Warthog jeep or Mongoose 4-wheeler, up to Pelican dropships or Ghosts, clear up to the massive Pillar of Autumn. There’s a size for any budget, and that’s not to mention specific moments from the game, and just general play sets with Master Chief vs the Covenant.

  • Fan-Made Models

A well done Warthog with custom decals


A custom Master Chief, extremely well done. The individual pieces are purchasable from BrickArms, a custom Lego store.


An amazingly done micro-scale Pelican and Warthog. I'd definitely buy this, if it were a set.


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