• Why

Firefly was one of the best TV shows of all time, and Serenity is all of the same goodness. The interesting blend of Sci-Fi and Western elements means gameplay could be pretty varied, going from high-tech Core worlds and spacecraft interiors to gritty colonies and of course, Serenity herself. The show was tragically cut too short, but there’s still plenty of mission fodder, especially with the Movie. The antics of the crew could also be quite funny. All in all, this is something I really really want.

5/5 Firefly and Serenity would be completely awesome in Lego.

  • Why Not

The relationship between Mal and Inara might be a bit tricky, but no big deal compared to Inara’s occupation. I suppose she could just be there, hanging around, and possibly  work like Poison Ivy did in Lego Batman. There’s also a bit of scarcity in potential models and minifigures. Really though, the source material isn’t for kids, and it’s been a while since Firefly was around. This is none too likely.

2/5 Too old, not for kids, not likely. A shame.

  • High Point

River. Friggin’. Tam. During the last couple of missions in the Serenity portion of the game, you would acquire lucid River, who previously had just been someone tagging along, maybe with a mind-reading ability, but not good for much else. And then… Just kicking complete and utter butt. Other great moments would be the chase on the Mule in the beginning of Serenity, flying Serenity through the battle with the reavers, and the constant barfights. Running around the hospital from Ariel would be fun too, but look out for the blue-handed men!

  • Real-Life Models

This is one thing that Serenity’s a bit lacking in. The show never really went on long enough to show a great abundance of ships or altogether too many characters. Serenity is the obvious choice, as well as the Mule hovercraft, and maybe some small sets with horses and ATVs. Other sets could include Jubal Early’s ship, various bars, and Niska’s torture chamber. (Just kidding.)

  • Fan-Made Models

I've seen many versions of the Serenity crew, but these custom minifigures are some of the best.


I've seen several versions of the Mule as well. This one is quite good.


And the crowning achievement, an enormous version of The Serenity. The creator has also made his own version of the Mule, and is working creating a Minifigure scale Serenity!

Source (Includes more info/pictures!)

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