Chronicles of Narnia

  • Why

The Chronicles of Narnia series (by which I mainly mean the books,) is an excellent choice of Lego Conversion. There’s seven books, and they’re simply packed to the brim with all sorts of adventure. There’s a nice variety of characters to choose from, all with their own unique features. Plus it’s all kid friendly fun with a major movie series attached to it. (And they had better not mess up the Dawn Treader movie, is all I’m saying…)

4/5 I would rather like to see this developed as a Lego line.

  • Why Not

There’s a few reasons why this could be passed over. The first is that the books and even the films cover some rather philosophical (and religious, of course) ground, and i can really see this becoming difficult to explain in some instances, such as The Last Battle or The Magician’s Nephew. The other main difficulty is that Lego doesn’t have the rights to this franchise, MegaBloks does, unfortunately.

2/5 Although this would adapt rather well to Lego style, MegaBoks has the license, making this an unlikely line.

  • High Point

I think the books The Horse and his Boy and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader seem perfect for making levels out of. In the former, you would have to escape from your uncle’s shack, race your way across the countryside with a mysterious stranger, sneak around Tashbaan, and finally engage Prince Rabadash in Archenland. And in Dawn Treader, each of the islands could be a level, flying around with Eustace as a Dragon, and restoring order to the Lone Islands. Also, Reepicheep would be even more hilarious in Lego form, I am convinced. Other excellent moments would include the Giant’s Castle and escape from the Witches Lair in The Silver Chair, The Battle of Beruna from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and running around the ruins of Cair Paravel in Prince Caspian.

  • Real World Sets

There are quite a few excellent sets that could be made from Narnian locations, such as Aslan’s How, The Ice Palace of the White Witch, or even the Dawn Treader. All of these sound like great sets, but really what this would be great for is fantasy minifigures. Currently the Lego Kingdoms line has dragons, trolls, orcs, skeletons, dwarves, and of course humans. Chronicles of Narnia, however, would give us satyrs, centaurs, lots more animals, werewolves, giants, and more. Practically the only thing missing is elves! I would especially love to have some official centuars.

  • Fan-Made Models

Marvelous little vignette of Mr. Tumnus meeting Lucy. Using two pirates' peg legs works wonderfully for faun legs.


Another nice vignette, this one of Puddleglum helping Eustace and Jill up the Giant's Steps


Also by Dunechaser of Flickr, are many other excellent Narnia Models here.

Custom-Built Centaur Legos

Instructions, and links to other attempts

Centaur and Faun

Examples of all sorts of mythical beast, some of which are present in Narnia

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