Lego Bond/Bourne

  • Why

Both Bond and Bourne present some potential, but I’m lumping them together in one section. The latest Bond movies have taken quite a turn from the traditional Bond style, what with submarine cars and sharks with friggin’ laser beams. The latest two have been decidedly more Bourne-style, a more realistic spy thriller. This is the style I’ll be dealing with here, since the old movies are really too old and too mature for a viable line. Besides, the Lego Agents line produces a far more likely, kid-friendly version of essentially the same thing, down to remote control sharks.

So. The trilogy of Bourne films provide some tantalizing game possibilities. Street chases, martial arts, shooting and avoiding being shot. Bond also has his share of moments. These games should probably be more open-ended, presenting you with a mission to accomplish, and leaving you to work out the details. Solve the clues to find out about Bourne’s mysterious past, or  pursuing 007’s targets.

The "Like-To-See" rating, 3/5

3/5 The realism means it wouldn’t be hard to recreate this in real life, but I would like to play this as a game.

  • Why Not

Bond has a “not-very-kid-friendly” habit of women, and losing this would probably prove detrimental to the character. The movies also have a lot of violence, which may prove difficult to adapt, especially given Lego’s aversion to realistic guns. But once again, the main reason is that these films are not for children, and so we likely won’t see anything happening here.

2/5 These films are just not too likely, given the source material.

  • High Point

Bourne’s hand-to-hand fights with the other agents would make for good levels, as would the chase scenes through various cities. The staircase fight from Casino Royale would be another great battle. The main appeal would probably be the espionage, though, climbing and sneaking around buildings, while avoiding security, all with a bit of Lego humor to keep it funny.

  • Real-Life models

This is kind of where the idea suffers, as there’s not too much potential here, at least with the more realistic Bond. One the other hand, it wouldn’t be too difficult to throw together some various cars or buildings as playsets. Still, not too much.

  • Fan-Made Models

A nice 007


An excellent stop-motion animation of the fight from the Bourne Ultimatum.

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