Back to the Future

  • Why

Well, for starters, it’s a trilogy, something that seems to be what they look for in Lego games. Even Batman had three stories, and it wasn’t exactly based off of the movies. Running around town in three different time periods could offer a great deal of different levels, although they might have to expand on the films a bit. Get some skateboarding, hoverboarding, and good old-fashioned brawling in there, and you’ve got some decent gameplay. Plus, seeing Doc Brown waving around like crazy would be awesome.

The "Like-To-See" rating, 3/5

3/5 I would like to see this made, but I'm not exactly overjoyed about it.

  • Why Not

This is an old series, and likely, there won’t be as much demand for it as there would be otherwise. Other than that, I can’t imagine why this series couldn’t be adapted quite well into a Lego line.

3/5 This would be the perfect series to adapt, but its age means public interest likely won't be that great, especially since most kids won't have seen the movies, unfortunately.

  • High Point

I think there would likely be two high points of the video game, the clock tower finale from the first movie, where you would have to run around outside city hall, and put together the lightning mechanism; and the hoverboard chase from the second. Other notable moments would be running around the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, the train scene from the third movie, and generally just driving watching Doc Brown and Marty.

  • Real World Sets

Lego always makes sets that coincide with the games, and this would likely be the biggest challenge in creating a Back to the Future line. Outside of the obvious DeLorean, there really isn’t too much to build. Perhaps a Clock Tower Adventure, a couple of hoverboarding or skateboarding scenes, even the diner, but not too much else. Likely the minds at Lego could come up with more ideas than I can.

  • Fan-Made Models

A fairly decent mockup of a potential clock tower model.


A nicely crafted DeLorean that just happens to be THE DeLorean.

A nicely crafted model of a DeLorean that just happens to be THE DeLorean. (See Mr. Fusion hiding in the back?)


And of course the quintessential set, DeLorean and character minifigs.


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  1. is it a reel set

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