Posted by: lordkyler | August 5, 2017

Radiance Returns!

At the urging of my recently returned brother, I am pleased to announce that the Radiance RPG is now back in session! Once again, I am taking up the role of the GM, and while we are continuing in the same setting, we do so with new players, new characters, and a new adventure. See the post linked above to learn more about the world of Radiance, and check out my prior posts to learn about the last arc.

My intention is for this to be a shorter, faster, and more focused game, with less elaborate posts, but as is so often the case of with role-playing games, I can’t predict exactly how things will unfold. I can say that we got off to a good start, and I’m looking forward to the journey. 

In the prior game, we followed four independent contractors from the country of Foundation who tried to solve a kidnapping and ended up stumbling into something much larger. This time, we’ll be taking a different tack: our three heroes begin as agents of the semi-communist country of Fate, assigned to investigate a conspiracy in the City of Quill.

Quill Map

A map of the Quill region, created in Photoshop. Like Republic City, it was a fun challenge to create a more detailed map of an area. Things were much quicker this time around!

Players and Characters:

Gideon: In a sort of sequel to his previous role of Aria, Gideon is now playing Quidetto Yamahara (also known as Niku). Niku is Aria’s cousin, but decided to strike out on his own and distance himself from his family and their… flexible ethics. He is charismatic, an accomplished martial artist and a government-sanctioned telekinetic, but struggles with higher learning and abstractions (partly due to his dyslexia.)

Ben plays the role of Vera Ivanson, an anti-social sniper with a little magic and a bent for deception. She is well educated and knows many languages, including lip-reading, which allows her to partially compensate for her poor hearing. Inspired by the sillier but still fantastic DnD podcast The Adventure Zone, this is Ben’s first serious foray into a role-playing game.

Duncan is the final, unexpected member of the group, playing for the first time. His character is Sarah Mason, a redhead with a hot temper and a penchant for machines and magic. As the first woman in a long line of service members to join, she’s eager to prove herself and has the confidence to push boundaries… even when she shouldn’t.

What adventures lie in store for our hapless heroes? Check in next week for the first installment of the swashbuckling new series!


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