Posted by: lordkyler | September 10, 2016


If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that I use Sketchup on a fairly regular basis. While these models aren’t really photorealistic, there are programs designed to render them in a more realistic manner. Unfortunately, most of these are quite expensive, but I was able to use their free trials. What follows are my attempts at dabbling with some basic renders. Enjoy.


This is one of the nicest renders, depicting a “diamond” fighter, which was actually inspired by a cutout from a paper snowflake, of all things. It’s a bit overly-shiny, but it’s very pretty regardless


Another view of the diamond fighter, this time emerging from a very simplistic hangar bay.


A different spaceship, designed quite some time ago, and now rendered.


A view from the front.


A Knife from the second Lithra book. This was a pain to model and set up, but it turned out nicely.


A close up of the pommel. Since I was using a trial version of the Indigo renderer, I had to do several renders and then stitch them together into a larger image.

The bar can slide up and down.

This is a religious object from the world of Lithra, representing the path of souls between enlightenment and oblivion. The grain in the image is a side-effect of the rendering process.


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