Posted by: lordkyler | March 10, 2016

Lithra IV/NaNo Update: Victory!

That’s right! As of last night, Lithra IV is finally complete. Done. Finished. It is officially the longest and best book I have written to date. The total length clocks in at just shy of 150k words as of this draft, and took about three and a half months to complete.

I was using a full outline this time, which helped tremendously to set the framework. Themes and characters developed from this framework, and so did the plot, to a degree. Especially during the finale, I found myself altering the order of events and other details in order to improve the flow and logic of the scene, and I think it turned out better for it.

And now it’s done. I’ve been writing two thousand words a day for months now, and I don’t intend to let up. So what comes next? First I’m going to get started on my annual Short Story Week. This will be followed by writing the traditional short stories that accompany Lithra books, as well as working on some side projects. During this time, I also intend to create outlines for many more of my projects.

Eventually I’m going to have to tackle the monster I just wrote as well. There is fat to be trimmed, dialogue to be refined, and tweaks to be made, but for now it’s best to give myself a little breathing room, along with some celebration and a nice change of pace.

For now, I’m just grateful to be finished. It’s been a rewarding process. Look for more soon, and I hope you find the determination to finish your own projects as well. God bless.


  1. Congrats on that epic accomplishment.. I’m proud of you! Have you tried writing any stories that don’t involve magic/powers/fantastical elements? I challenge you to do so, if you haven’t.

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