Posted by: lordkyler | October 25, 2015

Random Writing: Dystopian Sci-Fi

Hey there, interwebs. I know posts have been a little bit sparse lately. I’ve been busy with work and writing. I have finally finished the short stories that will be printed alongside Lithra III, one of which is nearly a novella.

I’m going to be busy for the next little while as well, getting Lithra III ready to print and gearing up for Lithra IV during NaNoWriMo. So, in the meantime, I figured I would put up some random writing I did a while back with my brother Tom. (His blog can be found here.)

Neither this nor the next story had much point other than writing for writings’ sake, but it was a fun exercise. It permanently unfinished, but there you go. Tom wrote the poem at the beginning, and I did the majority of the rest.


Remember when the sky was blue,

And everything seemed right?

When not a care at all was had,

And we danced all through the night?

Remember when the grass was green,

And we played around all day?

Remember when the the flowers bloomed,

In the merry month of May?

Remember well, those memories,

Those days that we now lack.

For now that time has passed us by…

…It’s never coming back.


Jonas sprinted through the Fire Fields at full speed, not looking back. “Tyson,” he said, breathing hard. “Hand me the bridge.”

Tyson tossed him a staff roughly four feet in length. Jonas threw it in front of him, pressing a small button in the middle. The metallic staff rippled, as though melting, and spread into a thin sheet roughly eight feet long. The makeshift bridge flew across a narrow chasm, bouncing slightly as it landed, straddling the fiery depths. Two sets of heavy combat boots clanged across seconds later, echoing loudly in the hellish atmosphere. Jonas paused just long enough to retrieve the bridge, which obediently collapsed back into a staff at his touch.

“Are those Skypiercers still following us?” Jonas asked. The whine of the drones hung in the air like the wail of a banshee, but it was impossible to pinpoint where it was coming from.”

“Yep,” Tyson said, leaping over the corpse of a damaged airbike. “But now Slavewatch is here too.”

“Rust take it! That’s just great!” Jonas yelled. “Why don’t they just call in the entire Hellfire Legion while we’re at it?”

Tyson’s wrist-com beeped. “Have you been taking those psychic injections again?” Tyson asked.

Jonas swore again. “Are you kidding me?”

“Nope. Skylark just put out a bounty on us. Ten thousand water credits. Hellfire Legion just responded, and I’ll bet anything that Shyla’s gang won’t be far behind.”

“I don’t think this job is worth it,” Jonas said. The sound of the Skypiercers grew louder.

“It’s worth it if we live,” Tyson commented. “Bridge!” Jonas tossed the staff back, and Tyson  threw it down to bridge another chasm.

Jonas ran out to the middle of the bridge and turned around. The drones were coming.

The slick black metal of the Skypiercers reflected the red sunlight brilliantly even from this distance.They seemed to hang in the evening sky as if suspended by wires, rotors whirring and guns alert, locking on to their targets with frightening alacrity. They were closing in fast.

“Time for Plan B then, huh?” Tyson said.

“Unfortunately yes.”  Jonas reached into the fold of his uniform and pulled out a short length of wire. It was twisted and coiled around itself, but when he grasped one end, it unfurled, stretching until it was nearly twenty feet long.

“Do you need the staff?” Tyson asked. Jonas appeared to consider it, but he shook his head.

“If something happens to me, you’ll need it to get out.” Tyson nodded. Jonas limbered up, cracking the wire like a whip. Violet light flashed along its length, crackling like neon fire. He crouched, ready to leap, but suddenly froze. “Tyson, are you serious?”

Tyson put his camera back in his pocket sheepishly. “I’m sorry, it’s just so amazing!”

“I told you I don’t like cameras.”

“I’m telling you, we could sell this film for a small fortune.”

“I’m not going to have this conversation again, the drones are nearly here,“ Jonas said. Before Tyson could raise another argument, a synthesized voice came from somewhere behind them, unnaturally strong in the thin air.

“Put down the weapon, kid. You can’t hurt me,” the voice drawled. A figure walked out from behind a demolished tank with a red blade in each hand. The newcomer wore a long coat and power armor, features hidden by a deep hooded cloak and a blank, mirror-like mask. The garb made it impossible to tell whether it was male or female, or even human, but from the way it held the blood-stained swords, it was clear the being was dangerous.

“Who is this?” Jonas groaned. Laser-lights began to dance around them as the Skypiercers began to acquire their targets.

“My name does not need to be known, but you may refer to me as Chaos, if you wish.”

“I’d prefer to refer to you as dead,” Tyson said, pulling out a pair of Gauss pistols and firing in the same motion. A sharp crack split the air, followed by a pop as the slugs went supersonic. But Chaos was already in motion, cloak trailing like a dark wind, blades flashing like red lightning. The rounds hit the ruined tank, shredding the metal with a horrific screech.

“I’ve got this one,” Tyson shouted. “You handle the drones.”

Jonas shook his head in frustration and turned to the drones, preparing to leap again. Before he could attack, Chaos spoke up again, sounding unfazed by the close call with the guns.

“Allow me,” the stranger said. “Those buggers are hard to get rid of.”  It sheathed its swords and raised a hand to the Skypiercers just as they opened fire. A streak of black lightning erupted from the sky, and the drone collapsed like a tin can, shuddering as if hit by a stroke. The imploding metal crushed the drone’s battery, causing a vivid explosion of blue and dark purple light. The other drones were pushed back by the shockwave, and struggled to right themselves.

Tyson and Jonas stared in awe at the display of power the stranger had just shown.

“Should have had your camera for that, Tyson,” Jonas said after a moment.

Tyson snapped his jaw shut and turned to Chaos. “What in the name of the big green sky did you do?” he demanded.

“A Bastian Curse,” she said simply. Now that they had heard it longer, the voice sounded slightly feminine.

“What? I don’t know any robot, mutant, or fancy-pants gun that can pull that off,” Jonas insisted. “So what exactly are you?”

“Crazy, mostly,” the stranger said. “But you can call me an ally, if you wish.”

“I don’t… I don’t understand,” Jonas said. “What you just did was impossible.”

Chaos raised her hand and did it again. More drones crumpled and crashed “You know, not right in the head? You can do anything you want if you’re crazy.”

Tyson’s wrist-com beeped again. “Hellfire Legion’s closing in.”

“Blast.” Chaos swore, clearly unhappy with the news. “Listen, I’m gonna need you to trust me.”

“Why should we?” Jonas asked.

“I saved your life, I’ll have you know”

“We are perfectly capable of saving our own lives,” Tyson said. “He’s got a whip thing.”

Chaos sighed and turned as if about to leave. “This is about to get messy for all of us. You have no idea what you stole from that place. What they will do to get it back is beyond your comprehension, kids.”

“What, this thing?” Tyson asked, pulling a small sphere from his uniform. At that moment, the single remaining drone locked on and fired. Bullets ripped the air around him, and Tyson stumbled as his magnetic deflectors struggled to repel the shots. The sphere slipped from his fingers and bounced once off the bridge, once off the ground, and once more into the depths of the chasm.

The entire world seemed to freeze. The sphere clicked and clacked as it bounced down to the hellish depths below.

“Stupid son of a… “ Chaos hissed, watching it fall. She pulled her blades from their sheaths and sent them flying toward the drone with a snap of her wrist. They accelerated of their own accord and pierced the Skypiercer. It belched black smoke and rolled to one side, dead.

Chaos barely gave it a second glance. In one fluid motion, she grabbed the side of the bridge and dove off, cloak trailing behind her like a parachute. Her hand stayed in place, but the rest of her arm extended like a cable. Whatever else she was, her arm was mechanical.

“Mind my anchor,” she shouted back. “Hold the bridge until I get back.”

“Are you kidding me?” Tyson shouted.

Faintly, from the depths, Chaos replied, “You’re the one that dropped it, genius.”

Tyson let out a sharp breath. They couldn’t afford to lose this job. They would just have to wait and hope this stranger was trustworthy. He didn’t trust many people these days. The creditors were after their livelihood, the authorities were after their freedom, and after this job, the Najjar dynasty would be after their blood. They had trouble enough for a legion of people.

And then the Hellfire Legion showed up.

They looked like something from a book of fairy tales, men in archaic armor, wearing capes. But instead of sword or shield, these warriors held the latest Alphex blasters and jump-jet boots. The legion was enormous. Fifteen hundred members riding in an assortment of vehicles ranging from agile airbikes to Daemonic Destroyers.

“Well fu—”

A large explosion shoved Tyson and Jonas backwards. Jonas landed hard, but upright. Tyson wasn’t as lucky. He landed on his back and rolled off the edge of the bridge. Jonas caught him just in time. Tyson gripped Jonas’ hand tightly, pulling himself back up onto the bridge.


That’s where it ends. Next up, a different bit of nonsense, and eventually Radiance Part XIII. See you around.


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