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Avatar Sports: Part Three

This is the last installment of my Avatar (The Last Airbender) sports trilogy. Part one is here, and part two is here. In this post, we’ll look mostly at water bending sports. Some of these are my favorites.



Brought to you by Tron

Islands is a game with a lot of varieties. In early days, this game would have been played on rafts or small icebergs. In professional settings, floating platforms are built instead. The basic object of the game is to be the last man standing, but it also allows for king of the hill games. The platforms can be fixed in place, tethered in a general location, or entirely free-floating. It can be every man for himself or played in teams.

Hexagons: The Bumblebee shape

An example of an official Islands stadium with stadium seating and splash guards.

Not my best photoshop work

An example of people playing Islands. I didn’t illustrate it, but tethered platforms can rock and tilt dramatically.



A popular beach sport that’s easy to set up. It’s the age-old battle between waves and sand castles put into a competitive sport. There are three pools from which water may be drawn, thus limiting the available amount so that it has to be used strategically. Waterbenders provide the offensive power. Sandbenders are on defense, building structures to protect themselves. Water can be used to make sand buildings stronger, but at the loss of ammunition.

Supah Fahncy

A fancy, formal Shore court with awesome pillars and permanent wells.

Ebb vs Flow

The person in the foreground is using their water to gain a height advantage, but it might not be enough.

Water Volleyball


Water Volleyball is simply volleyball that utilizes the unique properties of hydraulics. There are six tubes all hooked to a common water tank. Using teamwork, one player can be launched into the air by having the rest of the players forcer their own water down. Otherwise it’s pretty much the same as regular volleyball, just with much higher jumps. Only in casual games can water itself by used to smack the ball.


There is some water on top around the tubes, but it is not connected to the lower tank. I put a glass barrier instead of a regular net just because.

Just be careful on the way back down.

The Red Team tries to catch a high-flying ball. The other players have a grate they stand on when the water level goes too low. Teamwork is important in this game, as is timing.


This Logo turned out very well, I think.

Vinering is a highly unique game inspired by plantbending. It would have originated in the swamps, played with a wooden ring similar to the one in the logo above. What makes it especially unique is that the playing field is on the ceiling! In the original game, plantbenders would use vines to swing from tree branches. In the modern sport, players use water-filled tubes instead, and swing from a series of pipes on the ceiling.

It is similar to basketball or soccer in that it is a very fast-paced game relying on teamwork and quick reflexes. The standard players have four vine/tubes attached to their backs, and the goalie has six. Some special maneuvers include linking together like monkeys in a barrel, to swing around or below other players or make quick changes in direction. One of the signature moves is the tornado spin, where the player wraps the vines around them, then unwinds very fast like a top to snap the ring out at high speeds.

I feel like this sport would be a big deal. So there's lots of seating.

An example of a professional Vinering Court. Players look up at players instead of down, and the angular sections at the end of the court are special box seats. It doesn’t provide a good view of the field, but I have more pics to show that.

Box Seats are pretty great

A view of what the game looks like from the high seats. The large arcs on either side are the goals. There is, of course, water below in case of falls. (Though if you weren’t a waterbender, it might still be a dangerous fall.)

Aren't diagrams lovely?

This diagram of the vinering field shows the location of the pipes. The long straight sections in the middle and sides allow players to slide quickly across the length of the field. The gap in the middle means players have to slide or double up to cross midfield. And the goalie section is separated so they don’t interfere with the main field or vice versa.

Swing your partner round and round, Spider goalies will abound.

And, finally, a look inside the field itself. Inside the arena itself, the glass is more reflective to minimize distraction. I think this would be a very interesting sport to watch, for certain.

Well, that concludes this series. I do wish I had animation capabilities so that I could show how I envision these sports, but this will have to do. Please feel free to share your own ideas about new sports or elaborations on these ones. Let me know what you thought!


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