Posted by: lordkyler | January 17, 2015

Avatar Sports: Part One

So, I am a fan of Avatar. Not the blue people Avatar. That was alright. But I much prefer Avatar: The Last Airbender and it’s sequel series, The Legend of Korra. 

During the Legend of Korra, we were introduced to Pro-Bending, a fast-paced professional sport that used three of the four elements. This wasn’t our first introduction to bending sports, either. With such unique powers, I realized that bending sports could present some very interesting sports concepts, and I was hit with a mild obsession.

That led to the following sports ideas. Some of them might need to take place in a more modern time with more advanced materials, but most could be played in the time period of the Legend of Korra or even ancient times. I thought up the basic system for the game, created a Sketchup model of an example court for each idea, and made a logo for the sport.

This is part one of a small series. I hope you find these ideas as interesting as I do. Now if only we could find a way to get someone to animate these…

Air Dodgeball


Air Dodgeball is one of the simplest sports, but also perhaps one of the most entertaining, a pure expression of airbending talent. The sport is played in an enclosed area with enough space to run and jump, but no so large that the game slows down, probably about the size of a basketball half-court. An enclosed space allows for the ball and the players to bounce off the wall.

The rules are simple. If you touch the ball, you are out. Players are allowed to move the ball through airbending, but not physical contact. However, variants could allow for players to use feet or hands to touch the ball. Other variants can also allow for teams, or multiple balls to increase the frenzy.

Of course, there aren’t a terrible lot of airbenders, but we can assume this game might be played in the past or a post-Korra future when air benders are more common. Due to the high speeds achieved by the balls, helmets and some protective gear are advised for more intense games.

Wallrunning for days.

An example of a basic Air Dodgeball court. The walls are made of hard, transparent material to keep spectators from being blown away while also watching the game.

This would be very fun.

As you can see, the court is simple enough. The circles in the middle would be used for variants where it’s one person trying to tag out multiple opponents.

The people are just placeholders. Imagine this with 800% more acrobatics

An illustration showing how the game might be played.

 Air Sumo

Air Sumo Logo

Air Sumo is another very simple game, but dramatically different from Air Dodgeball. While dodgeball focuses on evasion and acrobatic skill, Sumo relies on a very different set of skills, namely, control and power.

Air Sumo is relies more on earthbender philosophies. The goal is to force your opponent out of the ring using airbending without losing your own footing. Again, there are different possible variations with multiple players or zones of movement.


Example of an Air Sumo court, surrounded by water for those who fall off the platform.


Example of two airbenders engaged in a fierce airstream shoving match.


Not Starring Christian BaleAs the name implies, Equilibrium is a game of balance. It is an airbending sport plays in a manner similar to king of the hill, with each team taking turns defending a central platform against the offensive team. However, there are a couple of twists. The central platform is unbalanced, requiring the defenders to keep a careful watch on their positions. However, the offensive team doesn’t have it easy either, as they are only allowed to stand on narrow pillars elevated above the center area.

Airbenders attempt to knock each other out of the air or off the platform into the water below. Coordination within teams is key. The teams go back and forth between offense and defense until one reaches a predetermined length of time.

An act of balancing

An example of a large Equilibrium stadium with lots of seats.

Jump jump jump

An overhead view of the stadium, showing the central platform and surrounding pillars


A depiction of two teams going head to head in a game.

This covers my ideas for airbender sports. More posts will follow with ideas for earth, water, and fire bending, as well as some combinations. Some of the upcoming ones are my favorites. See you then.


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