Posted by: lordkyler | November 29, 2014

NaNoWriMo Update: Success?

Well, folks, it is 2 am and I just hit 50,000 words plus change. (I’m not up this late because I’m frantically trying to catch up, it’s just my ludicrous work schedule.) The story is not quite done yet, but that is the official word count goal of the month. This counts as at least a technical victory.

I am in the final stretch of Lithra III, finishing up the last chapter. The story is at least 90 something percent complete, but could be several thousand more words yet. I still have a couple of days left in November, so depending on my schedule I may be able to actually finish the whole thing within the month as well.

Even if not, I will soon have finished a book, so that’s a victory to me! After I’m done writing, I plan to let the book marinate for a little while well I cleanse my palate. It’s good to get a little distance from it before you start editing. And editing/real rewriting is something I’m kind of new to, so that will be an interesting adventure. In the meantime, I have some various projects burning a hole in my hard drive, including video editing for Cinematic Addict, Photoshop and SketchUp work, and more than likely some short stories. You’ll be sure to hear about those when they’re done, so keep an eye open, and before long you’ll likely see Lithra III up and running at the Legend of Lithra.

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