Posted by: lordkyler | July 26, 2014

Minecraft Renders

Minecraft is an addicting game. For good reason, it is often compared to legos, in the sense that a few basic blocks can be combined to create practically anything you can imagine. Minecraft is also noted for having very simplistic, and basic graphics. While this helps with the somewhat cartoonish aspect of the game and is a blessing for those with older computers, sometimes this means that your epic creations sometimes just don’t look quite as majestic as they should. Texture packs can freshen things up, and some folks with beefy computers can install shaders to make their games look gorgeous in real time, but for the rest of us, there is Chunky.

Chunky allows you to take any Minecraft world you have, and then compose and render a scene from it. It has a variety of options including camera adjustments and texture pack support. Best of all, it is free and fairly simple to use! I just thought I would take the opportunity to show you some renders of things I’ve built (or am currently building) in Minecraft. More may follow someday.

Mountains may not be purple, but they are majestic

These are some crazy hill formations near one of my bases on my single player/LAN world map.

Silent the sentinel watches, ruined though he may be. I hope that the sentinel watches, I know it will never find me.

A ruined, abandoned tower atop a mountain peak.

Wipe your feet before stepping on that carpet.

A moody rendition of the great hall in my main base. A little bit of photoshop work done to this as well.


The view from my little fishing shack. I’ve spent many a Minecraft morning watching the sun rise and waiting for the sound of a fish on the line.

A horse of course of course of course. Neigh?

I built some stables in a narrow valley for my horses. The design is based on one I saw on online. Some renders can be grainy if you don’t let them process long enough, and this one is a little bit “undercooked.” Still looks nice though.


Like a great wheel it spins, boring into the heart of the earth, gnawing at the rock, devouring the soil. In the end, we are left only with a shaft like a wound in the soul of Gaia, a hurt with no healing, a loss with no gain. Except for a cool looking pit!

This is a large project on my single-player world, currently under construction. I’m digging that whole thing out by hand. I’ve made a fair amount of progress since this render was made, but I still have a way to go.

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