Posted by: lordkyler | June 28, 2014

Great Resources Every Minecraft Player Should Have

Usually this blog is about my creative projects and ideas, but occasionally I will diverge onto other topics. Today, I’ll be covering some essential helps and references that can help any Minecrafter to improve their experience with the game.

  • Minecraft Wiki
    • The primary source of detailed information about any aspect of the game.
  • Mojang Website
    • Official Website of Minecraft’s creators, Mojang.
  • ChunkBase’s Apps:
    • Need help finding a slime-spawing chunk? How about a desert or jungle temple? Maybe you’re looking for the nearest Nether fortress, mineshaft, or witch hut? Well, look no further than ChunkBase, which has a variety of tools to help you find all this and more in whatever Minecraft world you have. They also have other tools, such as a super-flat preset generator.

  • Enchantment Calculator
    • Trying to snag a tool with that elusive silk touch or fortune enchantment? The enchantment calculator can give you the best odds on getting any specific enchantment you desire.
  • Potion Brewing Flowchart
    • An easy-to-follow reference chart for brewing Minecraft’s many potions.
  • Perfect Circle and Arch Reference
    • Sometimes you simply grow tired of squares, and just want some nice, organic circles. This site will allow you to make perfect circles and arcs out of your favorite cubes.
  • Perfect Sphere and Dome Reference
    • Likewise, who isn’t impressed by a perfect dome? Building your perfect observatory or underwater base begins here.
  • List of Minecraft Mods
    • As varied as Minecraft is, the world of mods can utterly transform the game. Everything from small tweaks to near-overhauls can be found here.
  • Optifine
    • An indispensable addition to Minecraft, allowing for faster and smoother gameplay in addition to much more detailed graphical settings and enhancements.
  • Rei’s Minimap
    • A mod that I’m a particular fan of, Rei’s Minimap makes navigating the infinite world of Minecraft that much easier, by providing you with a mini-map and waypoints to help with your navigation.
  • Sethbling’s Redstone Tutorials
    • Redstone can be incredibly useful but also tremendously daunting in its complexity. In this series, one of best redstone mechanics teaches the basics.
  • Minecraft on Reddit
    • A great site for inspiration, news, humor, and community based around Minecraft.
  • MCEdit
    • A powerful application that allows user to make custom terrain, copy, paste, delete or alter huge portions of their Minecraft world.
    • This application gives you access to many of the same tools as Chunkbase, as well as giving you access to a detailed overhead map and other features.
  • MCMap
    • If you’re using a Mac to play Minecraft, MCMap allows you to generate an isometric view of your Minecraft maps, similar to many older games.
  • Chunky
    • Allows you to make beautiful renders of your favorite creations, with support for texture packs, camera controls, and more, all without needing shaders.
  • YouTube
    • YouTube is one of the main hubs of the Minecraft community. Looking for a mod spotlight? They have it. Want design inspiration or detailed tutorials? Watch your heart out. Simply looking for people playing the game? They have more than you can dream of. Be careful, lest you end up trapped for eternity.

This concludes my list of invaluable resources for the incredible game known as Minecraft. If there’s a resource you find particularly handy, feel free to post a link below!


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