Posted by: lordkyler | May 17, 2014

New YouTube Channel: Cinematic Addict

I have been a fan of video game cinematics for a long time. When I say cinematic, I’m not referring to cutscenes or footage made within the game itself. I’m talking about the trailers that look like CG from a blockbuster film. The kind of movies made by Digic Pictures and Blur Studios. Stuff like this:

Some people may dislike these as trailers because they are not representative of the actual graphics of the games (yet). However, I like them for what they are: really good looking CGI with excellent action. I think they represent what could be the next wave of film, like if Pixar didn’t just make cartoons.

Anyway, I’ve managed to amass quite a collection of high-quality cinematics, and I will be creating videos similar to the one above. These won’t be made or released on any specific schedule, but you can subscribe to the YouTube channel or watch for them on the blog.

Right now, the first video is up, featuring clips from the Assassin’s Creed series (some of my favorites,) set to the excellent Run Boy Run by Woodkid. Enjoy.


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