Posted by: lordkyler | March 8, 2014


For some time, I had the desire to write a sci-fi story with the same sort of feel and scope of the Greek epics. Prometheus is the working title of this effort.

The story is set several hundred years into the future. Mankind had developed gravity weapons, and when WWIII broke out, the destruction was terrible. The moon was shattered into a ring system, and the earth was broken into pieces, with large chunks of the crust and mantle breaking at the tectonic plates and eventually being lifted into orbit. These pieces orbit the molten core of the planet like the white of a hard boiled egg orbiting the yolk.

Fortunately, last-minute peace broke out and the nations worked together to save what they could of earth, using their gravity weapons as tools to place the pieces of the earth into stable orbit and regularize their own personal gravity so that life could continue on these floating islands.

During the destruction, a great deal of technology was lost or broken, and after several generations, people were forced to start nearly from scratch. Some machines survived, but little knowledge remains. By the time of the war, most technology relied on neural links, so while people can still use these machines, they do not fully understand how they work or how to make more. As such, technology had essentially become the new magic, with rare artifacts being highly prized and powerful in a now-agrarian society.

The aim of all of this is to basically create a science fiction setting with all the classic stories updated into technological equivalents, while also providing a look at a somewhat different future than normally envisioned. Jetpacks replace the wings of Icarus, nonlethal energy weapons take the place of sword and bow, derelict robots and genetically engineered creatures become the Greek monsters.

The main character is a man named Jason who shows strong aptitude for the neural links, and is selected to pilot a new weapon being developed by the remaining scientists/magicians. The weapon is a power suit outfitted with tractor beams, and could change the balance of power drastically.

With this story I hope to present a wide-ranging and epic tale with a unique twist on many science fiction and fantasy tropes. It will probably be a while until I get to this book (I come up with projects must faster than I can finish them,) but I find these concepts quite interesting, and hopefully you do too. Thanks for reading.

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