Posted by: lordkyler | February 8, 2014

Lex Animus – Concept

This idea was inspired by a huge abandoned library in Lynchburg, VA, and possibly a little bit by QR codes.

There have been many great libraries throughout time. However, there is one library greater than them all. In this library lies a store of books unlike any other.

The books are not written in any normal language or alphabet. The pages are filled with strange patterns. These designs draw the eye and place the reader in a trance. Information is then communicated directly through the subconscious mind. Reading these books allows one to absorb and completely understand information regardless of language or even literacy.

In addition, after reading enough of these tomes, they begin to unlock latent and hidden powers from the ordinary to the supernatural into the impossible. These powers utilize the subliminal and unconscious mind.

A key part of any library is the librarians, and this is no different. The Librarians have safeguarded the Library for millennia, protecting it from disaster and discovery. They are also scholars, learning as much as they can and adding their discoveries to the pool of knowledge. They also seek out those who try to steal the books or abuse their powers.

Aside from the vast stores of knowledge and information, the skills unlocked by the Books can be organized into four levels.

Initiate level includes skills and talents that are relatively common among normal people, but can be enhanced or taught by reading. Examples include observation and deduction skills, the ability to read and use body language in subtle and powerful ways, and excellent memory.

The second tier is that of the paranormal: skills that push to the limit of human ability, and utilize skills not fully understood by the world. Examples include hypnosis, ventriloquism, subliminal communication, and zen skills such as those exhibited by Shaolin monks.

Once level one has been mastered and the scholar has reached sufficient competency in the second level, the mind begins to do the impossible. This level is the supernatural, and includes powers such as telepathy, inhuman strength or speed, perfect memory, and the ability to completely control the body or even manipulate the elements to a degree.

Lastly is the superhuman tier. Few people learn more than two or three of the supernatural level skills in any depth, and they are powerful, but some progress further still. Those who reach the fourth tier are unusually gifted and early readers, who have focused their studies to reach one of the three master disciplines of the fourth level. They invariably become master librarians or legendary figures such as Zeus, Thor, or Merlin. Their powers are epic, including such feats as mass mind control, reshaping the elements, telekinesis, and control of raw energies.

The ultimate goal is to unlock immortality, but although some have become nearly invulnerable, all have eventually perished.

The plot centers around a young man who’s parents died early in his life. Unbeknownst to him, they were retrievers working for the Library, killed on a mission. They had been secretly showing him books since he was an infant, which he showed a strong aptitude for. Even though he has no knowledge of the Library and has not read for some time, the effects of the books left him as a child prodigy, although he was left in poor foster situation with relatives.

Now, as a brilliant but unmotivated and underperforming young man, he decides to investigate his parent’s death. Doing so leads him to the Library, where he follows his parent’s footsteps and becomes a retriever. But there are still some unexplained mysteries about his parent’s deaths, secrets with far-reaching consequences…

I have some interesting ideas lined up for this story, especially with use of those supernatural but not quite superhero powers. Stay tuned for more updates.


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