Posted by: lordkyler | January 25, 2014

Red Riding Hood – The Reboot

This is a snippet of an idea that I haven’t developed too far (like several of my projects). It was partially inspired by that new Red Riding Hood movie involving werewolves, but I haven’t actually seen that movie and this project would be taking an entirely different bent. The following is the basic premise of the idea, as I haven’t determined a plot yet. I only know that it could be cool. ;)

Nursery rhymes have an unexpected origin, first appearing as a form of satire or jest. For instance, Humpty Dumpty is allegedly the story of a King who fell in battle, and Ring Around the Rosie may be about the Black Plague. In this story, the same is true of fairy tales.

During the Middle Ages, a pair of twins were born: Morgan and Merlin Le Fay. These children were gifted with the power to shape both body and soul according to their desires. As they grew, the two diverged. Morgan sought power, and created monsters and creatures to do her bidding. Merlin fought hard to counter her, inspiring heroes and champions across the land.

They battled for a long time. Eventually, Morgan and Merlin sequestered themselves away from the world. Most of their creations died off, and entire period of history faded into myth and legend, with only a few sparks of magic left to instigate the Renaissance.

The tales of the Fays, or “Fayry tales,” originally a form of satire about the events of the day, eventually lost their origins, but still lingered. Stories such as Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs were originally about very serious topics. More will be explained hereafter.

A few of the creatures and heroes lingered behind in secret, battling behind the scenes of history for hundreds of years. Their tactics and equipment have upgraded through the years, but they still retained their supernatural powers.

It has been nearly a thousand years since Merlin and Morgan left, and they are scheduled to return to a world that is utterly unprepared for their powers. Their followers are desperately competing to secure the stage.

Some of the evil creatures:

  • Devourers: They are capable of capturing a person’s soul, leaving their body in a coma and feeding off of their strength. They can also mimic the appearance of captured souls, including animals.  In fairy tales, they are often depicted as wolves.
  • Deceivers: Usually portrayed as witches and the like. Deceivers can create illusions and sow doubt and confusion among others.
  • Destroyers: These men are warped creatures of tremendous strength and destructive power.


  • Seers: The origin of Little Red Riding Hood. Seers are exclusively women and have been granted extraordinary speed. They also possess their trademark hoods, accompanied with a veil, that allows them to see through deceptions. They are capable of detecting Devourers and staying safe from a Deceiver’s lies.
  • Knights: A specialized order of trackers and warriors. They are highly resistant to corruption and soul magic. They also have the ability to sever souls if need be, and are capable of killing Devourers and separating them from their captures. Often portrayed as Huntsmen and such.
  • Sages: Wise folk granted some measure of clairvoyance and insight, who spread truth, counter lies, and give guidance.

So for instance, Little Red Riding Hood  is the story of a Devourer who managed to take the place of the Seer’s matriarch (The “Wolf” ate “Granny”,) and was only detected by a junior member (“Little Red”) and eventually freed by a Knight, (AKA the Woodsman.) And so on.

Nowadays, Seers ride motorcycles and wear hoodies instead of cloaks, but they still fight against evil. The tone I’m aiming for is a sort of supernatural Matrix or TRON: Legacy.

I hope you found this snippet interesting, and if/when I develop more for the concept, I’ll be sure to post it here. Thanks for reading.


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