Posted by: lordkyler | January 11, 2014

Lithra Artwork Updates

As part of my web serial fantasy novel, (as sexy a string of words as ever there was,) I produced “The Tome of Nadra” early on in the project, a sort of encyclopedia for newcomers and those interested in delving deeper into the world in which the story took place. Considering the nature of the story, this is a good way to reveal supplemental and background information to those just jumping in.

Several of these entries concerned the Crossbred, a collection of races in Nadra, men with certain animal features. I made illustration for all of these races. However, as the story and the world evolved, I found some aspects of the Tome were in need of an update. Sometime soon I will be updating and expanding the entries, and I have recently begun updating the artwork on some of the entries as well, since my illustration skills have grown along with the story.

So in this entry, I’ll be giving you a look at the old drawings, and then the new and improved versions.

Avians are deadly archers. And they carry the flu! OK, maybe not.

This is the old Avian picture. It gets the point across and it could certainly be far worse, but this is not too great. All of these illustrations were started using MakeHuman (a poor-man’s Poser) to get the reference pose, and then traced and shaded in Photoshop.

Hawkman meets Hawkeye.

This is the much-improved version. It’s much more dynamic and highlights the Avian’s strengths in archery and mobility. A huge upgrade, and my favorite of the new drawings.


This one is quite bad, and so it was the first to be updated. Centaurs are a largely nomadic people in Lithra, with a rich culture and highly advanced crossbows. Unfortunately, this one looks quite derpy. And the shading is bad.

Don't mess with the pony boy.

SO. MUCH. BETTER. While the centaur isn’t moving too much, there’s a definite sense of action here. In addition, everything is better proportioned and much more natural. In addition, it features one of the Centaur’s unique spring-powered crossbows. He looks much more ready for business.

Grrr. Only you can prevent forest fires.

The thing about these old drawings is they do actually look kind of like those old illustrations you might see on tapestries and the like. A little awkward, a little cartoonish. That’s neat. But this is a fantasy story on the INTERNET so we’re going to move on to fancy pictures instead of historical ones. I do like his mace, though. It’s pinecone-themed.
Ursings, in case you couldn’t tell, are part man, part bear.


I’m still not quite 100% happy with this one. I think the shading may need some work. For the time being it’s satisfactory. I was going to have the Ursing holding a deer slung over his shoulder, but I decided that it looks fine this way. Like he’s showing off his muscles.

That’s all for now. I’ll be updating several more pictures in the future, so I’ll be sure to include them here when I do. Thanks for reading.


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