Posted by: lordkyler | January 4, 2014

Radiance: Introduction

I have written previously that I was making preparations for playing a tabletop RPG using the FUDGE role-playing system. The game is set in a fantasy steampunk world of my own creation. The name of the island and the game itself is Radiance.

Map created by myself.

This is the island-continent the world is set in. It contains four different countries, two main cultures, a system of railroads and canals, airship stations, and a host of secrets.

I am the Game Master and my brothers are the players. I will be posting the details of their adventures and misadventures on this blog alongside my regular content. This is definitely a creative endeavor and I would love to share what I’ve created, so this will be out there and freely available.

In this introduction I will share the basic details of the setting. More details will follow alongside the main story in future posts. I will also introduce the Player Characters (or PC’s), also known as our heroes.


The country of Radiance was founded several hundred years ago. Across the sea, the Sagacian Empire ruled the land, a tyrannical and superstitious government largely ruled by magicians and despots. But the Empire was crumbling from internal and external pressures. In the midst of the collapse, a rising movement known as the Radiant began to grow rapidly. They were idealists, scientists, and patriots, and sought a bright new future. So they fled in a mass exodus, several thousand souls setting sail for unknown lands beyond the sea. Eventually they found Radiance. Initial colonies were established on the isle of Dawn, while extensive crews spent nearly twenty years exploring and mapping the rest of the islands and the mainland. After a great deal of planning, the first colonies were established.

The cities and populations grew rapidly, thanks to advanced science and unbridled ambition. Massive public-works projects were undertaken, including a series of major canals, ocean docking stations for airships, and eventually railroads. Magic was mostly outlawed, except for what were seen as the necessary evils of emergency healing and a government force dedicated to counteracting rogue magicians.  Technology progressed steadily.

After some time, pressures between states began to build over philosophical differences, and after a brief civil war, they split into four countries. Faith, believing there was a place for magic and religion, formed a small but well-defended country. Fortune moved to a more capitalistic stance. Fate relaxed some of their standards, but tried largely to remain neutral. Foundation, the largest country, stayed true to its ideals, although the zeal of the founders had faded somewhat, and corruption was beginning to take hold.

Our heroes are starting in Republic City, one of the islands on the east side of the map. The island is 90% city, resembling 1920’s NYC in many ways. The island belongs to Foundation, although their control is not as strong as in other areas. There are a great deal of gangs and a large underground magic scene.


  • Aria Shingai:

Aria is kind of a rogue character, specializing in speed and stealth. She is a trusted member of the Seven Sisters, an all-female gang of some repute based in Republic City, and is fiercely loyal to them. She is a magic user with the power of telekinesis, quite a useful talent in her line of work.  She can be rather vain and has a habit of falling for most guys she sees. Her primary weapon besides magic is a folding mechanical bow. She is played by Gideon.

  • Ian Hancock

Ian is a very large and strong man, played by Joseph. He is crack shot with both his sniper rifle and shotgun. He’s also a deft hand with a wrench, whether he’s using it to tighten bolts or crack heads. He is a skilled mechanic and pilot. He can be a bit quiet, but he’s quite a nice fellow when you get to know him.

  • Lilly Heather Smyth

Originally coming from a well-to-do family, Lilly struck out to make her own fortune, quickly picking up a number of skills that landed her a job with a private security and investigation firm. Despite her deadly skills, her upbringing is quite apparent, as she loves to gossip and can be quite nosy. She is also an awful liar, but her charm and good looks make up for it in most cases. She is an incurable flirt. As part of her training, she spent a few years in Faith learning how to summon cold, light and magnetism through evocation magic. She is played by the irrepressible Tom.

  • Connor Williams

Connor is a rough and tumble warrior with extraordinary speed and strength. He’s a silent type, which is for the best, since when he does speak, he is incurably rude. He is missing an eye and is heavily scarred from an encounter with a Snow Wolf during his childhood the icy islands of Faith. It may have been this loss that lead him to research morphology, a branch of magic that allows for magical healing, among other things. He can also use evocation magic to summon electricity. His primary weapon is the katana. He is played by Josh.

In each post, I will share the events of that gaming session in a somewhat-literary (and hopefully somewhat-literate) fashion, followed by GM meta-notes and some further information about the setting.


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