Posted by: lordkyler | December 14, 2013

Temples of the Elements – Part Two














In the previous post, I showed off some ancient temples I will be using in a steampunk/fantasy RPG I will be running. This post will showcase the remaining temples, each dedicated to a different element. Each of these were originally modeled in Sketchup, then given a simple treatment in Photoshop. They’re not perfect or professional quality, but they are certainly nice enough for what they are meant to be. I hope you enjoy.

Ben Franklin, eat your heart out.

This temple located on a barren and solitary rock in the ocean, not really worth calling an island. It is dedicated to lightning, the element of speed and power.

Kingdom of the Crystal… Thing

Although ice is technically water, in the game it is treated as a separate element, although it is closely related to water. Located in the far north, the ice temple is constructed of eternal ice. This element is about clarity, precision, logic, and so on.


While the temple of Darkness is reminiscent of a closed flower, the temple of light reminds us of an open blossom, catching and radiating light. Light is the element of purity and honesty.

It has a… magnetic personality?

Magnetism and metal are fused in the same element in this game. The magnet temple rests on a large bed of iron ore, and outputs a magnetic field powerful enough to levitate the raw chunks of iron and even hold itself aloft. No metal can come within a mile of the temple without being attracted and crushed. Metal is symbolic of strength, charisma, and influence.

This is not an elf house. No Cookies are produced herein.

The temple of nature is a shrine to both plants and animals, and is constructed to remind one of a giant tree. Although made of wood, this ancient structure has not deteriorated, for the wood has been purposefully petrified, and is as hard as stone. The nature temple sits at the heart of a large forest, and is difficult to reach. Nature is associated with creativity, adaptation, and life.

Sorry, Aang, wrong air temple.

Lastly, located high in the mountains, we find the Wind temple, the nexus of a perpetual whirlwind that holds the main body of the structure permanently aloft and constantly spinning. Air is the element of quickness, impermanence, and chaos

This concludes this series. If I make more illustrations for the game, I’ll be sure to include them, but in the meantime, if you’re interested, feel free to leave a comment.

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