Posted by: lordkyler | October 19, 2013

Poseidon’s Daughter

I have too many project/story ideas already. I”m belly-deep in writing the sequel to the Legend of Lithra, and my projects folder has at least twenty “major” ideas in it, a.k.a stories that have enough clout to carry a full book. But against my control, my mind keeps coming up with new ideas. This is one of them. Eventually it will become a short story at minimum.

The inspiration for this story is twofold. The first influence was a dream I had, the other was a song that I heard in a watch commercial.  Seriously.

The dream came first. I was floating underwater, similar to the beginning of the Bourne Identity, except that I was face-up and conscious, watching a fishing boat. Due to that semi-omniscience that comes with dreams, I knew that I could breathe underwater here, and that I was a fallen god that had lost most of his powers. I was once Poseidon, god of the ocean. (Not to be pretentious or anything.) My only powers that remained were some influence over the waters and the ability to heal when in water. I don’t remember ;much else of the dream, but the influence of that feeling, the pathos of the situation, lingered. And so I jotted down a couple of notes on the dream and kept it in the back of my mind.

Later on, I was on YouTube (as I am wont) and the advertisement linked above played before my video. The commercial was interesting but the song really caught my fancy, and so I searched it out and bought it. I was listening to it one day whilst lying still and had this image pop into my head unbidden. (This happens to me sometimes. It’s how my “Little Red Riding Hood” idea got started, and I often have random ideas for lyrics come to me, just a couplet or two.) In this case, the image was of a young woman with long black bangs staring at me with sadness and a hint of hope, and an air of wisdom beyond her years. The most distinctive feature was a series of very dark freckles or a birthmark of some sort, spread across the nose and under the eyes, vaguely resembling a butterfly or an eagle.

This image and the song’s content about being able to breathe underwater all combined with the previous dream. After some more thoughts, this is what I came up with.

Long ago, a man fell in love with the sea, quite literally. She took him to her own and gave him powers over the waters. He became Poseidon, husband of the sea. And he lived in contentment with her for some time. But in his heart he always had a place for the land, a desire to walk among men for a time.

When the sea found out, she was jealous, and exiled him from her domain until such a time as he was willing to return to her permanently. He lost most of his powers, save those listed above, and his immortality. He landed in the Americas sometime around 1970. He wandered the world for some time, and eventually met another person such as himself.

She was a bride of the sky, also cast down to earth for some indiscretion. They recognized each other’s natures instantly, and despite their differences, fell in love and had a child. She died in childbirth, due to the strain of delivering a demigod and because she was nearly immune to modern medicine. Their daughter, whom they named Cassandra, had powers of sky and sea together. She was Storm.

Distraught, Poseidon took his daughter and decided to raise her in secret, never telling her about her powers. To make sure her storm powers were unnoticed, they moved to Portland, Oregon, which is one of the rainiest cities in the US. Poseidon took the name Peter. His only goals were to raise his daughter, which he accomplished by getting a minimum wage job, and to try and forget his sorrows, which he attempted with alcohol.

And so Cassandra, the main focus of our story, is growing up in a poor neighborhood with a semi-alcoholic single father, and latent powers that she neither recognizes or understands. It’s a rough life, and she’s had to mature very quickly.

But soon, events conspire that will reveal her powers and shake her dad out of his slump. They won’t necessarily be pleasant events…

So anyway, I’m quite excited for this story. At least I will be giving it a short story treatment not too long from now, although I believe it could have the potential for a larger book. Something like Percy Jackson for more mature audiences and with far less whimsical elements.

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