Posted by: lordkyler | October 5, 2013

Penguins in Hats – Plot and Characters


In a previous post, I explained about the basic premise of Penguins in Hats. But this is a story, and so it has characters and a plot. Admittedly, they aren’t very developed right now, as I’ve been focused on other projects, but I do have a few ideas, and so I’ll share them here. 

No hats!


Lucky is the main character. I didn’t forget to shade the above sketch, because Lucky is an albino penguin. He’s in a unique position within penguin culture. He is unique all by himself, and so hats don’t work for him. For instance, if he puts on a chef’s hat, instead of becoming a chef penguin, he’s just Lucky with a toque on.

Despite his name, he’s not actually very lucky. Due to his unusual nature, he’s essentially been shunned by penguin society and seen as a freak. Because of this, he’s become a very independent person, but his greatest wish is simply to be accepted. Eventually Lucky is going to become a force for social change and attempt to reform hat-centric society.

Maybe you're the paranoid one, ever think about that?


Schizo is Lucky’s unlikely friend. Due to a close scrape with a leopard seal, Schizo bears a scarred body and mind that’s become slightly unhinged. He’s a bundle of nervous disorders and paranoia. Predictably, he also became shunned, and he and Lucky met one another.

Schizo is incredibly scared of seals and totally unafraid of anything else. He’s since spent all his time training for another encounter and plotting schemes to take out leopard seals. He’s a very erratic character, and is likely going to be the primary source of comic relief.

Whatchoo lookin' at, eh?


Fidget is actually a puffin, not a penguin. The two can be easily be confused, but puffins are actually unrelated and are capable of flight. Fidget was blown off course during a bad storm, and ended up in the Antarctic with our other characters.

Fidget is a fast-talking gal with a cockney accent and an incredibly bossy attitude. She is always in motion and in everyone’s business. She’s not particularly interested in the whole hats dilemma, but she does serve as the catalyst for Lucky’s transformation from loner to leader.


The Polar Bear

Polar Bears live at the North Pole, of course, while penguins live at the other end. But this particular bear accidentally floated down from on a loose iceberg. (Don’t ask how he got past the Caribbean.) For some reason, he also joins our little troupe of characters, but there is a problem. He doesn’t speak bird. However, Fidget speaks bear, and so she can translate. Unfortunately, the Polar Bear is quite eloquent, and with Fidget as translator, some nuances are often lost.

Despite his fearsome appearance and size, he’s actually a very laid-back and amiable, unless he gets hungry. Still, he’s a proper gentleman.

Mustache Level 10

The Walrus

The Walrus floated down on the same iceberg as the Polar Bear, but they could not be more different. They are mortal enemies, in fact. When the Walrus arrives, he is very cranky at being separated from home, and decides to take it out on all the hapless penguins. He does manage to speak bird, but usually relies on his massive bulk to communicate. Usually by squashing any uppity penguins.

He’s a classic villain, greedy, devious, and power-hungry. When he arrives, he recruits all of the local seals to his cause and marches (er, flops) to the Penguin capital. Suddenly all of this hat business isn’t quite so important… or is it?

Do Not Question Our Crown.

The Penguin King

This is the last of the main characters for now. The Penguin King is a petty tyrant from the moment he donned the crown, lording his penguific authority over the other penguins undisturbed until Lucky started shaking things up. And then the Walrus showed up… The Penguin King is not a content individual.

There are actually two Penguin Kings. One has the larger crown, the other the shinier. They fight all the time, touting their quality vs. quantity arguments for the most part. The other King doesn’t enter into this story much yet.

Well, that’s all the characters for now, and a little of the plot direction. I’m not planning on producing this anytime soon, but I am looking forward to it as a fun project. I hope you enjoyed this look at some hat-wearin’ penguins. (And puffins and polar bears and walruses. Walri?)

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