Posted by: lordkyler | August 24, 2013

Drawstravaganza 3!

Ender eat your heart out.

A futuristic game like King of the HIll in Zero-G. Red beams pull, blue beams push, and silver beams are used to stun. Look at al the crazy moves!

Wizard's Island in the middle there is formed from the caldera of a volcano.

My brother Gideon was writing a story and had a very rudimentary map, so I redrew it for him. Drawing maps is one of my favorite activities.

Flying Velociraptors: The scariest thing possible?

The legs are a little wonky but overall this turned out quite well. Behold the fearsome Wyvern!

Vwooosh! pew pew!

The RR:I-33 (Rapid Response Interceptor model 33) Kestrel is a high altitude/low orbit fighter designed for speed and maneuverability.

The Hippo represents a hippopotamus.

As a third installment in his thought-provoking: US Presidents vs. Animals series, Mr. Rhea explores the theme of gluttony and the power struggle each of us feels internally. Mr. Roosevelt, the embodied essence of manliness, engages his portly foe in a titanic struggle indicative of the conflict between our own desires to control others and ourselves. Mr. Roosevelt is also wearing swim trunks because he’s in Africa and it’s hot.


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