Posted by: lordkyler | July 27, 2013

Drawstravaganza! (Part One)

During my two-year hiatus, I still had some time to myself, and I spent much of it improving my drawing skills. I’ll be presenting the best of those drawings hereafter in a multi-part series. I’m really pleased with how my skills have developed with practice. Enjoy!

Froosh! Brrzaap! Ptssssch!

Another graph-paper stick figure battle. (Don’t leave! I have real drawings too!)
This battle takes place in an abandoned sanctuary guarded by the electric monks. They are defending their sacred artifacts from the fire soldiers, and both battle the agile and clever ice ninjas.

T'sup, mares?

A very quick sketch but I think it’s amusing. I should definitely give this one a full workup.

Forsooth! How came I to be trapped in two dimensions? 'Tis witchcraft.

The horse is a little bit off, but overall this came out quite well. Jousting time!

Don't stare, it will ensnare your soul.

I would never get a tattoo, but if I did this would not be a bad choice.

My money's on George. GET IT? GET IT? IT'S BACKWARD!

This was on the back of a letter, like the Gettysburg address, or Da Vinci’s drafts. Truly a fitting masterpiece to end this gallery.

Okay, there are more (and better, I promise,) drawings to come, so I hope you’ll return.

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