Posted by: lordkyler | July 13, 2013

Glyph – More Characters

In the last post, I described some of the major characters of Glyph, including the assassin-turned-crusader Nissa and the ruthless General. Today I’ll share a few more of the secondary characters.

  • The Royal Family

These characters are not actually minor, but won’t likely show up in person until near the end of the story. Since nobles rose to power largely due to their ability to wield glyphs, it is only fitting that the King and Royal family control the most powerful glyphs of them all. The aging King and his son and daughter all wield the star fire glyph, which produces potent nuclear blasts. The King will soon die, and great controversy and intrigue swirl around which of the siblings will inherit the throne. The sister is first-born but since she is female many prefer the son, and quite apart from that issue they have drastically different plans for the nation, which is sharply dividing the nation.

  • The Assassin

Gerralto is a glyph user from another country analogous to Spain. He was framed treason and was subsequently exiled from the country. Bereft of his title, he came across to the country where this story takes place, and takes jobs as an assassin and mercenary, using his finely honed combat and fencing skills and his deadly cutting glyph. His honor prevents him from breaking his oath and returning to his country, but also compels him to clear his name, forcing him to work by proxies to uncover the truth in his home country, a slow and expensive method.

  • The Werefolk

Deep in the forests of the north lives a family with a most unusual glyph. When activated, it transforms anyone touched by it into a beast for some time depending on the size of the glyph. In addition, even though the glyph itself remains the same throughout the generations, each new glyph user has a unique animal shape that they activate. There are currently three users in the family, an aunt and her nephew who can become a bear and a raven, respectively, and a cousin who works for the royal guard, a were-lion.

  • Executioner

Executioner, like his father, controls a glyph allowing him to mesmerize others, causing them to reveal their secrets and sway them somewhat to follow his commands. His father works as a judge and a magistrate, but often accepts bribes from those wealthy enough to afford them. Executioner disapproves of this practice but is too attached to the wealth it provides to halt the practice. And so he engages in a unique brand of vigilante justice, seeking those who have escaped their punishment and delivering it to them. He only seeks those who have committed crimes worthy of death, and lives up to his persona by dressing in a black hood and using an axe and noose as his weapons of choice. His glyph allows him to bypass security easily and escape unnoticed. He has a rivalry with Hunter, often leading to confrontation.

  • Gargoyle

Born to both wealth and power, Gargoyle was cursed with a hideous birthmark that severely marred his features. To escape public ridicule, he resides in private, rarely coming out of his tower, but keeping a close rein on his citizens regardless via an extensive network of spies and enforcers. He is also very vengeful and insecure, and administers his own brand of retribution on those foolish enough to mock him publicly. His glyph allows him to turn people or objects into stone for a time, and so when a critic or comic becomes too outspoken, he will venture forth in disguise. Luring the victim into a dark corner, he will petrify them and then disfigure them in various ways, such as breaking off limbs or smashing the stone. When the spell wears off, the poor soul find themselves uninjured but deformed nonetheless.

A few more drawings/concept art:

You killed his honor, prepare to die.

A drawing of Gerralto, the exiled nobleman turned assassin-for-hire.

Jack the Ripper is afraid of HIM.

Executioner, created using HeroMachine, which actually worked really well for this character.


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