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Glyph – Plot and Characters

In my previous post on Glyph, I described the magic system and setting. So today I’ll share a little more about the plot and some of the characters.

Since this is going to be a little super-heroesque, there will be quite a few characters, some obviously forming the main core and some only showing up for a short while to let us explore some possibilities. I’m quite excited to develop some of this further and help bring them to life. Today I’ll cover the main characters of the story.

  • Nissa

Orphaned at a young age, Nissa was taken as a child and trained as an assassin in a secret academy run by the General (see next character). Although raised in a harsh environment, at her core she has always held on to her memories of home. However, although very skilled and a fast learner, she is impulsive and reckless, with a quick temper. When she eventually manifested control of a powerful new glyph, that of lightning, she was taken aside by the General and given special training.

Eventually when her only friend, Hunter left, (also see below,) she began to question everything she had been taught. When she discovers that the General was involved in her family’s deaths, she strikes out and eventually decides to seek revenge against the government. As she does so, she encounters other resistance groups, and learns that she has much to learn, both about her cause and about herself…

  • The General

The General, as his title suggests, is the commander of all of the kingdom’s armed forces. He controls a fire glyph, and has all the attributes of fire fully harnessed. Given sufficient fuel, he will find and consume all weakness. He is a tireless and clever opponent who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Through his leadership, his army is the perhaps the greatest in the world. The country is not currently at war, but the General is heavily involved in any number of schemes. As Nissa’s teacher, he demanded the best, and as her adversary he expects no less. He is a dangerous adversary.

  • The Agent

Where there is fire, there is smoke, an adage that is none the less true here. The agent wields a glyph that produces smoke, and has served as the General’s trusted lieutenant for years. Although seemingly less dangerous, he is not to be underestimated. He works mostly in the shadows, sowing chaos and diversion, and through manipulation, subterfuge, sabotage and assassination, has furthered the General’s agenda immensely.

  • Fire Juggler

The son of the General, Fire Juggler uses the same glyph but does not exhibit the control and constraint that his father does. He is passionate and hot-tempered. Refusing to follow in his father’s footsteps, he ran away and currently works with a traveling circus, performing fiery stunts, carousing and causing a ruckus in his wake. He holds a lot of malice against his father and will be easily turned against him should it come to that.

  • Ashe

The daughter of the Agent, Ashe is also a glyph user, and grew up very close to Fire Juggler, following him when he ran away. However, unlike the relationship between their fathers, Ashe is more of a sycophant than an equal. She has a powerful crush on the Fire Juggler but it is unrequited. He does use this to manipulate her, and she is too timid and enamored to break away despite how he treats her. She is a solemn child with a keen intellect and perceptive intuition save where Fire Juggler is concerned, but lacks courage to act on her own.

  • Hunter

Raised as a child assassin aside Nissa, Hunter is the second most skilled student at the academy, excelling in acrobatics and hand-to-hand combat. He has a fun-loving and roguish streak that his instructors never could temper. He was best friends growing up with Nissa and gradually came to love her as they grew older.

Hunter is a thrill junkie and absolutely loves most aspects of his work, but was never comfortable killing others. He just never knew any differently. One day he spared a target’s life and felt so good afterward that he vowed never to kill again. He managed to escape the academy, encouraging Nissa to do the same, and became the most sought-after fugitive in the capital. He hides in his various lairs throughout the city, taking what he needs to survive. He still utilizes his skills by working as a mercenary doing such jobs as theft, blackmail or kidnapping that do not require him to kill. He also performs many good deeds and always seeks a thrill. Despite the nature of much of his work, he has become something of a folk hero. He plays a large role in Nissa’s decisions. He has no glyph.

  • The Ascetic

Blessed with a gift to heal and mend, most of the Ascetic’s family blessed with the glyph are physicians, curing diseases and injuries for those who can afford them. The Ascetic did likewise until some events in his life forced him to see the selfishness in their actions. Renouncing his family and inheritance, he retreated to the countryside, where he studied religion and provides both physical and spiritual healing to all who come to him. Nissa eventually takes shelter with him and he begins to serve as her mentor, working with her to overcome her anger and character flaws. He helps her to realize the importance of their cause and find her true strength. Unfortunately their time together will be cut short, but he will show her a higher path…

  • Fireworker

The Fireworker is the mayor of a large city that is currently the heart of the Renaissance. Formerly a Marco Polo-style adventurer, he has traveled the world and learned much. He is one of the few nobles concerned with the common man, and is making great strides in his city with education and cultural reform. He controls the glyph of light, and is a wise but cunning man and could be a great ally, if he can be persuaded to act. He would prefer to bring change through peaceful methods.

  • Bombardier

Bombardier is the Fireworker’s nemesis, the mayor of a nearby rival town known for its unsavory nature. The Bombardier controls the glyph of heat, and is totally unstable. Although a scheming and unscrupulous megalomaniac most of the time, he also has a second half to his personality, which manifests itself as Bombardier, a flamboyantly-dressed anarchist who uses bombs and violence to cause mayhem, who frequently seeks to upstage and sabotage the Fireworker’s plans.He is gleefully insane in this mode, and although the rebellion may need to recruit him to the cause, they cannot trust him.

Some concept art for you. Thanks for reading!

Fireworker. He uses Fireworks!

Rough concept art of Fireworker for the story Glyph.

Ashe looks like a hippie!

A rough sketch of Fire Juggler and Ashe from the story Glyph. Actual glyph symbols subject to change.


Concept art of the Bombardier, holding one of his signature weapons and dressed in full getup. I haven’t decided if he’ll actually be fat or not.


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