Posted by: lordkyler | June 15, 2013

Cyanide – Creatures and Powers

I described some of the basic premise of Cyanide earlier in this post, so now I thought I would give some more details. All of the below is subject to change, of course, and some things almost certainly will, but I present this in the hopes that you will find it interesting in a non-plagarizing way.

Coming up with these sorts of ideas, about creatures and powers, or countries and cultures, just basically inventing all the trappings of a story is one of my favorite parts. Each creature is based off of a certain blood type, with both a light and dark variation depending on the ritual that activates these powers. (If anyone would like to throw me some feedback involving blood types I’d be most gratified to hear it, in case a certain one doesn’t exist or something.) So without further ado, here are the different creatures of Cyanide:


  • Dark: Ghost
    • Powers: Able to phase, float weightlessly, create cold and wind, as well as turn transparent (but not fully invisible)
    • Weaknesses: Fire/Heat, bright/concentrated light. (especially lasers)
    • Subtypes:
      • Banshee (A+) Sonic Shriek and siren’s call
      • Wraith (A-) Ice and thick darkness that only fire can banish
  • Light: Spirit
    • Powers:Phase, float, create heat and light, move objects with mind, and transparency.
    • Weaknesses: Cold, dark, water, etc.
    • Subtypes:
      • Soul (A+) Tendrils/beams of light and stronger telekinesis
      • Torch (A-) Hotter and fiery. Grows stronger with fuel


  • Dark: Shade
    • Powers: Very fast and agile. Skin turns gray, eyes turn black, and they grow fangs and claws. Poisonous. Moves in “moon gravity,” an surreal, almost weightless motion. Seems to have wings made of smoke at certain times.
    • Weaknesses: Iron/Steel. Sensitive to light
    • Subtypes:
      • Shadow (B+) Short range teleport/shadow jump. Acrobatic.
      • Specter (B-) Personal gravity shift, can jump further and move faster
  • Light: Angel
    • Powers: Fast and agile. Hair, skin, and eyes turn white and glow. Can heal and cure poison. Also has “moon gravity”. Halo and wings made of light seem to appear at certain times.
    • Weaknesses: Copper/bronze, sensitive to smoke, air, pollutants, etc.
    • Subtypes:
      • Seraph: (B+) Capable of flight and stronger healing powers.
      • Guardian (B-) Can create duplicates of himself (However, the more copies are made, the less powerful each is.)


  • Dark: Beast
    • Powers: Very strong and stealthy. Can create illusions and change form to mimic people they’ve “acquired.”
    • Weaknesses: Electricity. Mirrors reveal true form.
    • Subtypes:
      • Lycanthrope (AB+) Wolflike beast form, largest in moonlight and especially in full moons.)
      • Gargoyle (AB-) Stronger and tougher. Can mesmerize by eye contact or paralyze by touch. (Electricity will unfreeze them.)
  • Light: Hunter
    • Powers: Very strong. They can sense illusions and have premonitions. They are very charismatic and authoritative.
    • Weaknesses: Magnetism, loud noises.
    • Subtypes:
      • Slayer (AB+) Able to use forcefield-like weapons of light. Heals when in sunlight. Does not tire.
      • Knight (AB-) Stronger, forcefield-like armor of light. Can energize others.


  • Dark: Witch/Warlock
    • Powers: Curses/Hexes by touch. Can cast spells of decay, disease and destruction at a distance, and can create shadow creatures. (Shadow creatures can freeze, blind, or poison. They are powerless in light, vanquished by fire, and can be disrupted by impact like smoke.)
    • Weaknesses: Physically weak, confused by order/patterns. Doesn’t like strong light. Gemstones can prevent curses.
    • Subtypes:
      • Sorcerer (O+) Shadows are more tangible and can posses people.
      • Destroyer (O-) Has disintegration and madness spells.
  • Light: Mage
    • Powers: Luck/blessings by touch, spells to restore, energize and heal. Can create creatures of light. (Which are susceptible to water.)
    • Weaknesses: Physically weak, confused by chaos/randomness, bad night vision. Lead (the metal ) stops spells.
    • Subtypes:
      • Wizard (O+) Electric/energy blasts.
      • Clairvoyant (O-) Can sense what is going on around and slightly in the future or past.


  • Dark: Vampire
    • Powers: Strong, fast. Nearly immune to cold and dark attacks. Keen senses. Semi-immortal. Can suck blood through fangs and store it. They can then use the stored blood to use the dark variants of the powers associated with it.
    • Weaknesses: Silver, blows to the heart. (Garlic is a normal allergy that runs in the family and the reaction is heightened when powered up. It is not an official vampire weakness.) Overwhelmed by daylight. When using stolen blood, they are also susceptible to the weaknesses of that type of creature
    • No known subtypes
  • Light: Paladin
    • Powers: Strong, fast, nearly immune to energy attacks, etc. Keen senses. Semi-immortal. Able to absorb blood through hands/touch, (via fingernails/claws) They can use the light variants of the powers fueled by that blood type.
    • Weaknesses: Gold, attacks to the throat. Bad night vision. Has weaknesses of whatever taken blood type is being used.
    • No known subtypes.

So that’s the creatures and powers of Cyanide. I hope it’s at least a bit of a fresh take on the whole supernatural palette. Perhaps by the time I actually write this the general hubbub about these kind of monsters will have died down. I may do another post sometime on some characters or plot as soon as I get those developed a little further. If you have questions or comments, feel free to respond below!


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