Posted by: lordkyler | January 9, 2013

Updates coming soon

Lately I’ve been reading through the old blog posts, looking at what I’ve put up, and I have to say, it’s been interesting. Some good, some not so much. But interesting, at least to me. It’s funny coming back to something after two years.

A lot has changed in two years. Therefore, I will be making some revisions to the site. I’m going to leave the old posts intact, (aside from perhaps a few spelling corrections,) but I will be revising my Proposed Lego Games pages quite a bit, especially since several of them have actually become a reality since then. Also, I will be adding a section for reviews of movies, books, and games, just in case anybody is interested on my perspective on them. That will probably be a mix of both old and new material.

In addition, where most of my posts before were retrospectives on old work, I think things will be decidedly more present and future oriented. I’ve got a lot of ideas,so hang tight.

In addition, on January 12th, The Legend of Lithra, my other site, we will be starting brand-new story, so stay tuned there as well.

Cheers, and happy new year!


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