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Convergence – Part Ten

Holy Cow, it’s the tenth installment of this story. In case you haven’t been following, this is the original chain story of Convergence, with me writing the story of one side, and him writing the other. Story got written, arguments got started, and some dumb stuff happened. We’re close to the end now, but we’ve still got a few more parts coming, and I’ll be working on an all new outline for this story soon, elevating it to the status of actual book.

As usual, sections I wrote are in bold, sections he wrote are italics, and there will be notes on each section at the bottom. Here we go.

6.4.3 17:69

One weapons factory was gone. At least it wasn’t a barracks. Oh well. I was manning the Plazma cannon which had been upgraded to use an assortment of missiles. The missiles had  been brought up here. We have about 2,000 missiles in this chamber alone. You can tell just how big this Plazma cannon was. It can hold up to fifty Nemhan missiles. But we kept the range of missiles open. So it could hold fifty assorted missiles. That would last us for awhile.

“Sir. Ship coming in.”

A computerized voice spoke.

“Supremacy ship. Classification: Bomber. Name: Lhornaya.”

The ship appeared on my screen. It fired 1 or 2 missiles that were unfamiliar to me. It was targeted and I fired 5 Nemhan missiles. They fired and hit with the accuracy of a top marksman. The ship was badly damaged. And it was about to get worse. The Nemhan missiles left behind a fairly large electrical shock, thereby shutting down all systems by short-circuiting it. And if it didn’t short-circuit, the missile that hit the command deck would. Needless to say, the ship had short circuited, and fell to the ground. The explosion was enough to get the shields down to 60%. Add that to the missiles it had fired before we shot it down, The shield was at 21% working capacity. I decided to see what the missiles were called.

The database said those were Lattices missiles. Grim and deadly. There were also ground troops on the way. How lucky for us. I thought. They were never going to get this place as long as I’m around.

-Major Morvagim

6.4.3.  17:70

The Lhornaya had been shot down. Apparently they didn’t notice us, the rest of the wing, in time, however, as they failed to dispatch the Lattices that we then dropped upon the weakened shields. One was sufficient to bring it down, and I watched the Torches spiral and twist their way into smack down, sending flares of fire and destruction throughout the compound. The ground troops were moving in again. A couple of reserve fighters dropped out of formation, and began firing on the buildings the Torches had spared. The ground troops were moving in now, and were moving through the buildings. Apparently they had assumed their shields would hold us, and had neglected to provide sufficient troops to repel a ground attack.

They hadn’t neglected to provide backup fighters, though, and some streaked in from a different location. Our fighters jumped into formation. Soon the first fighter aerial battle of the war would be engaged. We would win easily, although we wouldn’t let our guards down. All they had brought was five fighters of the type we had codenamed “Zap” fighters, for their high speed. They had lousy maneuverability, compared to ours. We had fifteen Vardos’ awaiting them, excellent fighters for close quarters work or presenting a blockade. They were outmatched, outgunned, and outmanuvered. They were going down, just as I could see the Kassisii’s ground troops were.

Captain Klerhe, Bomber wing, H.S. Sadvar

6.4.3. 17:72

The aerial battle was a big mess. Every time a fighter crashed, 100 or so people died. We were out numbered, 50 to 30 [they had gotten renforcements]. And to make matters worse, our ground troops were losing too. I had to call for more reinforcements. Major Morvagim was helping in the air and on the ground as much as possible with the modified plazma cannon. Sending missiles towards the enemy on the ground and several towards enemy ships. The missiles were destructive, but they weren’t helping much. Laser fire! Dodge to the left.

“This is Captain Omgrav! We need back-up! I repeat, we need back-up!”

I cut the transmission. I fired 2 angler missiles. One hit dead center on one of the enemy fighters. The other went and hit one of the big ships, causing a big explosion. The fighter crashed to the ground, and it exploded, killing about

86 people. The bigger ship was severely damaged, and crashed too, killing more people. My screen showed that about 40 of our fighters were closing in. Now we had firepower. It took about 50 minutes to kill off the rest of the enemy fighters. The bigger ships turned and retreated. But the battle wasn’t over. Below us, the battle had pulled into the building. And it was horribly clear who was winning.

-Captain Omgrav

6.4.3. 18:30

The fighters had been driven back. The enemy fighters, although taking heavy damage, were throwing missiles left and right, exhausting their ammo, but the wanton over-compensation had driven us back. I watched from the ground. Every time a ship fell down, fire plumed around and portions of the battlefield were cloaked with smoke. Our bombers had made it away from the extravagantly firing fighters, although both of our aerial sides had received reinforcements. Occasionally one of the bigger fighters had plowed down, but none of the bombers were killed. Their fighters, although reduced to a handful of their original numbers, were now swinging about, and were obviously going to try and assist the besieged and badly losing Kassisii ground forces. I could just see the sparkle of their lasers powering up.

Fortunately, once again our military expertise came to the rescue. Trained ground-to-air specialists were already assisting the battle, lobbing Apogee SAM’s towards the fighters, which detonated with a concussive pulsing flash of white. Now, as the fighters came towards us, they dropped the Apogee firing tubes and armed the shoulder cannons. The streamlined bulges on the back of their body armor moved to the side, and slipped upwards, to mount on the shoulder. A viewscreen popped open. Communications links, coupled with a computer, had already picked out a target for each of them. All they had to do was point and fire. Within two seconds, the enemy ships had incoming fire. A couple of shots came from them, vaporizing one or two men. However, they were fairly tightly packed, and did not have much room to maneuver. They all executed almost mirror-image moves, but the Edgetracer missles had highly simple and effective tracking techniques, and all but two of the fighters met a sudden, vicious end.

The other two were still trying to outrun the missiles. They were fast too, and almost did it. But then another ground trooper from the land-to-air squadron fired a laser burst that disrupted its steering and orientation controls, and the Edgetracer connected. One pilot was left, out of reach, and already too far away, with the missile still trailing him. Well, that was his problem. He wouldn’t be bothering us anymore. Now, about the ground situation.

The enemy were all driven into one building. Almost too easy. It was simply a matter of how long. We weren’t going to move in. Yet.

“Attention, Kassisii!” I called over the voice enhancer, after my troops had established a perimeter. “You are surrounded. You have no shields. You have a very simple choice. Surrender, or we send down a missle or two to finish you off. You have twenty seconds.”

“We need no time to decide, you savages!” said a man from the building, broadcasting over the exterior speakers. “We will never surrender to your kind!”

“Very well,” I answered. I pressed the confirm button. High above, I could see Angelflames descending on them like messengers of death. We wouldn’t even have to step back. The Angelflames used shaped charges, and there would be no fallout.

“May you be treated mercifully on the other side.” I said, sealing their fates. Their own shattered building would serve as their grave.

-Ground Commander Hhelosta Dharvak, Rapid Occupation Forces

6.4.3. 18:31

The Angelflames had almost gotten us. I had hit them with Selar missiles. The Selar missiles were meant to stop other missiles. They track the course of the incoming missiles and fire special nets to hold the missiles. Then the missiles go to the nets and explode. The nets disintegrate a millisecond before explosion. So the missile in the net gets destroyed instead of the net protecting it, then just the net being destroyed. Quite ingenious.

Anyway, the missiles got destroyed, so I started firing on the enemy ship that fired the missiles. It was down in minutes, crashing to the ground with a big explosion, and a lot of enemy dead. My comlink flashed.

“Reinforcements are on the way. Try to stay alive as long as you can.”

“We’ll try.”

“Good. Stay on this secure channel.”

The link was terminated. Help was on the way.

-Major Morvagim

[Notes] First Section: Yes, he spelled it “Plazma,” but I don’t know whether or not it was on purpose. He’s got some pretty vague descriptions, and he was saying unnecessary things. He was really trying to get that section overwith. His shields went down very quickly (in a section he wrote), and he still thinks he has the upper hand? Weird.

Second Section: Yeah, I may be a bit domineering here, but I’d like to think I’m doing it with a bit of style. After all, he’s not defending himself to aggressively.

Third Section: See, not defending himself. Oh, wait, now he is, he shot down our fighters. Oh, wait, they killed his own soldiers. Oh, wait, we’re winning on the ground, and I didn’t have to say so? Yeah, he really wanted to be done with the story about now, he was getting bored.

Fourth Section: Welp, they’re screwed. I must say, the Holdars have some pretty sophisticated equipment. Yes, I know some of the body armor stuff (Iron Man, anybody?) has been done before, but I hadn’t seen much if any of it when I wrote this.

Fifth Section: Did that missile description confuse you? It confuses me. It sounds like it deploys a net that explodes before it hits our missiles, but that wouldn’t stop it. Whatever. He had a really short segment here.

Next time will be an extra long installment, so I can get to the end of this madness.

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