Posted by: lordkyler | June 18, 2011

Just an Idea…

With the slew of MMORPG’s out there, I though it might be interesting if one took a more casual approach, something simple, something classic…

Side-scrolling. Yeah, there are a few out there, but that’s not all.

Stick figures.

Why do I like stick figures so much? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s because they’re easy to draw, maybe it’s because they’re so dynamic. One of the things you’ll always hear from good artists is about the line of motion, a simple line that all the anatomy is based on. With stick figures, that’s all you have. (Good stick figures anyway.)

But what I’m proposing is a game that’s side-scrolling, with occasional top-down views. Sometimes it would play like Canabalt, running around on the roofs, sometimes like Stickman Sam, shooting with the mouse and moving with the arrow keys, or Matrix Bullettime Fighting, with sweet kung-fu combos, and sometimes like Spy Hunter, zooming around in your car or motorcycle or whatever.

You could customize your character, putting on custom graphics if you wanted, and choose from nearly any theme you want. Spartan? Punk Rock Terminator? Parkour Karate expert? Assassin? It’s all good. Basic archetypes could have their own deignated areas, with large crossover sections where anything goes. There would have to be a huge, sprawling city in 2D, but it couldn’t be too hard compared to World of Warcraft. Perhaps multiple “levels” could be used, like sheets of paper stacked on top of each other, that would allow you to have places several maps deep.

Essentially, the game should not be monotonous grinding, spending hours to gain a level. It should be fun, fast, lighthearted arcade action, whether you have superpowers or swords or your own private helicopter. Basically, a casual fun game with tons of people playing. It really shouldn’t be too hard to make, and it’s something I’d be interested in checking out.

A potential screenshot for the game, with your character, a green-haired guy with fire powers, about to be attacked by some sort of ninja. Obviously, you wouldn't be able to see into other peoples apartments.

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