Posted by: lordkyler | April 2, 2011

Collaborative Chain Comic – Awesome? Crazy? You Decide!

So, once upon a time, me and my brother decided to draw a comic just for fun, each of us doing just a panel or two at a time, and sticking in as many pop-culture icons as feasibly possible. It was super crazy, kind of awesome, and pretty confusing. I’m posting them here in the hopes they’ll entertain, but you’ll probably want to see full view just to make sure you can read the handwriting. (not too great for either of us.) Also, be aware that the scanner for some reason cut off just a bit of one side, but you should hopefully be able to surmise any missing text.

So, here goes!

The cover to the crazy amazing choose-your-own-adjective comic. That bottom right space is left blank because I really honestly couldn't think of any more motifs to include. Top left is the heads of numerous superheroes, in stick-figure form. Please nobody sue me for the copious superhero usage in this comic.

So, in this, we meet our protagonists in the middle of a field, they pull lightsabers and blasters from nowhere, and are interrupted by ninjas on hang gliders. It's pretty easy to tell who drew what, if you ask me.

Our unnamed heroes are falling to the ninjas assault, but are saved when Batman shows up. Batman then defeats a giant robot with a can of spray paint and a single grenade, thus coming in second to MacGyver.

Batman leaves, after explaining that the protagonists will always have a superhero guardian, due to a stupid bet. The Flash shows up, and they decide to trace the Ninjas to their headquarters.

The Flash leaves as quickly as he came, and Deadpool shows up and sneaks them into Ninja headquarters. He is then summoned to an unknown place for breaking the Fourth Wall. Superman shows up instead.

The ninjas defeat Superman with their handy kryptonite, but Phoenix then blows up all the ninjas. Yeah, we had no sense of pacing. Who cares? Huge spread by me.

The last page before we abandoned it. Phoenix immediately dissapears, They find out Darth Sidious is gunning for them. Iron Man and Plo Koon show up, and they all hitch a ride on the Enterprise. Mashup City, here we are!

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