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Convergence – Part Six

Part six of the original chain story that started Convergence.

As usual, sections written by me are in bold, sections written by my brother are in italics, and notes are available at the end.

6.4.3. 16:53

The surrender button was my only hope of stopping the 9 Angelflames. So I had pushed it and the missiles halted in midair. We waited for a communications link to be established. When the link came through, I stated my terms.

“I am Major Hethim Morvagim, of the ASMF. I wish to negotiate my terms of surrender.”

“This is Captain Reddis Phinirri of the Holdar Supremacy. You may state your terms.”

“I wish to be let free, and ask that you not fire on my ship again. As you probably know, I have destroyed the hangar.”

“We know what you have done. But I wish to state my terms. You will not be let go. you and your ship will be escorted to the auxiliary control building. And you will do so willingly.”

I was not about to let myself get captured. There was no way I would allow myself to sit in one of their ships, trying to drag all the information out of me that they could. With torture devices!

“Never.” I said.

The connection was terminated.

I knew what would happen next. The Angelflames would head for me again. Which is what they did.

I had to think fast. Then I had an idea. I maneuvered the ship, going straight down. The plan was risky, but it might work. Once the underside of the ship was almost touching the ground, I had to wait. The missiles were fast. I almost got hit. Once they were close enough, The ship shot forward. I zoomed across the landscape. The missiles had been destroyed when they hit the ground. There had been no room for the missiles to turn and follow. So, they crashed. I headed back to the docking bay.

-Major Morvagim

6.4.3. 16:54

So, the our clever little pilot knew the Angelflames had only minimal tracking abilities. The lander ships were away, and the cannon and turrets were in place and on standby. The pilot was heading back to the landing bay for some reason, hugging the ground as much as possible in a ship that size. We followed, obviously, and stayed higher above the ground, keeping them down. If they rose, they would be snuffed out in seconds. I dogged them with the ionicannons, making things more difficult for them then they already were. He was a fool to break terms. He probably feared torture. What is the point? They were unlikely to reveal information, anyway, and there were much more sophisticated methods available. We could extract the information from him without him even knowing we had done so, and he would have been kept confined, but not unpleasantly so, unless, of course, he proved difficult.

The VELANYM was swinging around, almost with a hint of recklessness, or could it be… panic? Blast after blast shredded the ground ahead of his path, tossing up rocks and dirt like geysers. All part of not letting him fly straight, keeping him so distracted he had no time to take countermeasures. Of course, there were other people on board…

As if to fulfill my expectations, two missiles came at me. They erupted from two holes that almost could have been passed off as design features, or streamlining, if I hadn’t already known better. They were somewhat strange, as they seemed somewhat similar to the missiles we had had when we first came here, the Angelswords, but these had obviously taken an alternate route of development than the one which had led to our current Angelflames. Instead of a reddish orange hue, these took a deep blue – aqua cast, and seemed like they had been designed for the opposite intentions as the Angelflames. Angelflames were intended for about 60% to 70% air to ground, or at least air to stationary target, and 40% to 30%, air-to-air, space-to-space, etc. These seemed to be designed for vice-versa, judging by the way they quickly and efficiently sought our ship, and dodged the interceptor “Jellyfish” that automatically shot out and inflated to detonate an incoming explosive. Fortunately, nothing moved faster than light, in real space, and our new, somewhat experimental lasers fired straight down the middle of them, causing them to explode to early, leaving an energy pool easily mopped up by the shields. For future reference and reports, I codenamed the missiles Cascades, seeing as how we didn’t know what they were called.

Time to stop messing around. The VELANYM had been herded to one of the broad, featureless plains that took up a proportionately large amount of the planet. I fired two JMP torpedoes. These were designed to hunt out and seek ships, no matter what. They were too smart to be eluded, and could follow in air, space or sea, or even underground if the ship took to a tunnel. Even if they made it behind a shield the JMP’s couldn’t jam their way through, they would wait for the second the shield dropped. No jamming frequencies would hinder them, and they could not be fooled by any countermeasures. They streaked after the target, moving in with frightening agility and celerity not to be dreamt of.

-Cptn. Phinirri

6.4.3. 16:59

I was desperately trying to outrun and outmaneuver what looked like torpedoes. With the blue streak they left behind, they actually looked kind of cool. Then I remembered. JMP Torpedoes. I read about those once. They never gave up their lock on a target, and they would never run into obstacles. Wherever you go, they go. You could try countermeasures. It wouldn’t work. Then I had an idea. If only I could get them into spheres, then they would halt in midair.

I spoke to the chief engineer.

“Is there any way you could get those torpedoes into a sphere?”

“Maybe. But what good would it do?”

“Those are JMP Torpedoes. Do you know what those are?”

“Yes. But I still don’t see…”

I cut him off.

“Do you know how once they are locked on to a target they will dodge obstacles?”


“Good. Now here is what I want you to do.”

I told him what to do. Understanding was etched all over his face.

“I see. I’ll get to work on that right away.”

Then he left. I continued to pilot the ship so we wouldn’t get hit while the chief engineer worked on the sphere.

The comlink flashed. “Spheres ready sir.”

“Good. Launch sphere #1.”

Several moments later,

“Sphere has reached destination. Sensors indicate that the JMP has stopped dead.”

“Good. Launch sphere #2.”

More waiting.

“Sphere has reached destination. The JMP’s are awaiting the removal of the obstacles.”

I smiled. What do you think of that? I thought as we continued on our way. The Telyon had been watching the whole episode. Perfect. We sped onward to the docking bay.

-Major Morvagim

6.4.3. 16:59

The JMP torpedoes had been detained by a sphere that exploited their own locking capabilities. This problem would have to be brought up in a design committee sometime. For now, however, we blasted the shells away, inadvertently destroying one in the process. The other streaked after it’s target, only to be engulfed by another sphere. We sliced it open, too, but more kept coming. The gunner made a shot that almost hit a sphere before it deployed. All during this, we were pounding away with Ioni-cannons, but by this time their shields were back at low operating strength, and I didn’t want to waste any more missiles on this guy.

We followed behind, but from a distance. I sent for a ship to pick up the missile inside the sphere. It probably could be disarmed, but it would take a while. It docked in a bay nearby the military compound. I dropped a few Thunderer bombs as a reminder, and was highly pleased to see that it had taken a large chunk out of the automated defense towers, and that had allowed us to send some towards the communications relay, which went up in a large plume of blazing metal. We went back. I was to dock the Telyon and assist in the tunnel scourging, which was progressing nicely. We put in at the secret, undetectable bay, and I was rayed over to Invasion Command.

-Cptn. Phinirri

[Notes] Section One – Josh: Never heard of THAT little maneuvering trick before… oh wait, yes I have, I’ve seen it in everything known to man. For some reason he assumes after the first missiles are shot, we will completely ignore him. Huh.

Section Two – Ty: For some reason I apparently let him get away with dodging the missiles. Okay, I follow him. Basically, he refused to switch characters ever, and didn’t want his dude to die, so I kept letting him have near death experiences. I kind of countered the torture accusations there, as the Supremacy doesn’t necessarily have to be super evil. The Angelflame explanation is a bit awkward, I must say, but the basic idea is that the Kassis have had to copy Holdar technology. Also, Jellyfish are awesome. JMP torpedoes are somewhat misnamed, as they’re actually more like missiles than Angelflames. I also probably tried to fit unnecessarily fancy words in too often

Section Three – Josh: This was actually a pretty good counter to these missiles, although it seems kind of odd that they’d have the exact type of spheres on board the ship, and then act like the Major thought of it. Also, “understanding was etched all over his face”? That’s sounds like a line that’s deliberately so bad, it’s funny. But it isn’t.

Section Four – Ty: Rays equal beaming. I’m not sure about keeping this technology in future drafts of the story.

So that concludes today’s section. We’ll take a break from this for a while, and then return, with different viewpoint characters!


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